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Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: July 24

Jose on the sidelines

Royals outfielder Jose Guillen has been put on the 15-Day Disabled List with an LCL tear in his right knee.  Apparently, while preparing for his first at-bat of the game Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Guillen felt a pop in his right knee.  According to Manager Trey Hillman, “At the moment, it is 4-6 weeks with the possibility of taking as long as 8-10.  It might need to be surgically repaired, but we are looking into getting a second opinion on the knee and we’ll go from there.” 


Not too much new to report from the Royals dugout today, except that Royals pitchers Gil Meche and Kyle Farnsworth both threw off the mound prior to the game today.  They will be closely monitored, evaluated and a determination will be made on their readiness as well as progress from their prospective injuries.

Trey Hillman Media Session: July 22

In need of some home cooking!

In need of something to give this team a spark, Manager Trey Hillman thinks he might have just the answer in tonight’s starter, Brian Bannister.  “If he can mix in that curveball, get his cutter working and utilize his fastball like we know he can, he’s going to keep this offense loaded with switch hitters off balance.  He needs to get off to a comfortable start and get in a rhythm that will allow him to use all his pitches effectively, and pitch deeper into the ballgame.”

Better then advertised

Hillman said he was not expecting to see the progress in his third basemen Alex Gordon like he has seen since coming back from his hip injury.  “The fluidity I guess is what surprises me the most, the way he moves and his motion is so much further along then I had anticipated.  All I had to go off was videos that were sent to me and hearsay.  The base paths are not nearly as difficult as I thought they would be for him.  He has surprised us all.”

Defensive Reasoning

According to Hillman, he is very pleased with his new shortstops’ (Yuniesky Betancourt) ability to play the position.  “Defensively I think he has done a fine job, he has anxiously overrun a couple of balls, but his lateral movement is solid, he has a very strong arm, and I think he can be a good solid shortstop for us.  He’s searching though at the plate.  We are seeing some different stances in succession while batting.  He needs to stay squared up consistently, drive the ball, and make contact to all fields.”

Trey Hillman on doubleheaders and giving back to the community

The Twin Bill Challenge

I think everyone can agree that playing two Major League baseball games in one afternoon/evening is probably quite difficult, but for whom. Well, manager Trey Hillman says on behalf of the coaching staff, the roster challenges alone make a doubleheader a very trying and stressful experience.  “You have to execute quality matchups and set-ups, while formulating two hopefully successful lineups, and at the same time making sure everyone gets to participate in the game.  Adjustments need to be made swiftly from game one to game two, with unexpected situations taking place in the first game that can dictate your coaching style for the second.


Apparently, Royals outfielder Jose Guillen is quite the off-the-field philanthropist, but don’t ask him about it, because he most likely won’t tell you either way.  This according to manager Trey Hillman, “He contributes in a big way in the community, giving away large amounts of envied tickets to the disenfranchised children in the area, he just doesn’t talk about it to people.  Every home game he buys thirty tickets down the first base line (face value, $33 a pop) for children who otherwise would not be experiencing a Royals baseball game.”  He recently made comments about not being worthy of his large contract, it’s nice to know its being spread around the Kansas City area to those in need.

Hillman Interview: Zack an All-Star, Buck returns

Leader of the pack

8-27 Greinke.jpgWe all know what A.L. All-Star selection Zack Greinke (congratulations to Zack on the well-deserved honor!) is capable of, and the impact he has on the field, but what does his ability to stay so dominant all season long due to the rest of the pitchers on the team that have struggled to stay consistent?  “It brings out some very healthy competition amongst the boys, they push each other to be the best they can be.  Between them, they all know who is good at what, who can answer a certain question, and whom to ask for help or advice, it’s their own little team and they feed of each other to strive to be as successful as possible,” said manager Trey Hillman.

Buck is back

BuckHR2.26.jpgRoyals catcher John Buck made it back to the greater Kansas City area yesterday after a long drive home from Omaha, where he was rehabbing his injured lower back.  After catching back-to-back nine inning games (which is what was instructed by the Major League club) he was given the green light to come home, do some light working out, and have his back re-evaluated.  If everything goes well this afternoon with his workout and evaluation, most likely John Buck will be given the ok to go on the road trip to Detroit with the team. 

Trey Hillman Media Session: Alex Gordon, Zack Greinke

Almost Flash Gordon

Royals third baseman Alex Gordon played for the Triple-A affiliate Omaha Royals last night, and according to manager Trey Hillman, things went about as expected.  “His game went kind of like we thought it would, a hit here, a walk there, heavy legs in the field and on the base paths.  There was no pain in his hip area and he was swinging the bat OK, he recorded one hit with two walks (one intentional).” 

All-Star starter, Zack Greinke?

Hillman still feels Royals pitcher Zack Greinke should start for Joe Maddon’s American League All-Star team.  “The innings he’s logged, his strikeout to walk ratio, his record is very respectable, his ERA is fantastic, I don’t think anyone could have kept up his pace, and sadly that has made him less appealing to some people,” said Hillman.  If he has had any problem at all this season, at times it has been location, otherwise his stuff is still the same, he has not lost any action on his pitches, Hillman went on to say.

Happy July 4th Kansas City, have fun during this special weekend, but remember to be safe!

Alex in Omaha and Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

Alex is back, just not here (yet)

Third baseman Alex Gordon is back, he’s just not in Kansas City…yet.  Gordon has been out since April 15 after surgery for torn cartilage in his hip, but continues his long awaited comeback tonight for the Triple-A affiliate, Omaha Royals.  “There is no pain to report of in his hip at the present moment, the swinging of a bat is not a problem, however, running and moving laterally is still a tedious and difficult process we are working through,” says Manager Trey Hillman.  “Running on the base paths seems to be the biggest hurdle we have to overcome with Alex, that and regaining the ability to maneuver comfortably.”  We certainly hope for an exciting and special homecoming tonight for Alex in his home state of Nebraska.

Baseball is FUN-damental

There seemed to be an emphasis put on the fundamentals of baseball today during afternoon practice.  With numerous blunders in the field and on the bases in recent weeks, Hillman made it especially clear that the fundamental mistakes that are continuing to hamstring this club are unacceptable and discouraging at the same time.  “On a scale of 1-10, I would say the mistakes that are being made are a 10 on the difficult to handle scale. This game isn’t without challenges, I know not every team can play fundamentally sound baseball like the Minnesota Twins, but you still have to work extremely hard at the basics of game, as you can see, it can cost you games.” said Hillman.


Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: July 2

Not the same Sox

Manager Trey Hillman says this is not even close to the same team they played a little over a month ago.  “Everything is falling into place for them right now, not too many serious injuries, good pitching, extremely hot hitting, solid defense, a good bullpen, put it all together and you have quite a hot team. We need to very careful this series, it could get out of hand quickly, we are going to have to play good solid baseball, and make as few mistakes as possible.” 

Round 2 for Mr. Chen

Trey Hillman seems to be very excited about his recently called up left handed pitcher, Bruce Chen.  “He is fearless out there, fastballs in and out, change ups to righties and lefties, he’ll run one in on you with only a 87 mph fastball, it’s impressive,” said Hillman.  “If he works both sides of the plate, stays in control with his command, and mixes his pitches like we know he can, his contributions to the team should be great.”

Hillman interview: Aviles to undergo Tommy John surgery

Homecoming for Buck

It has been said by manager Trey Hillman that catcher John Buck could be back much sooner then later.  “He is doing very well down there in Omaha, catching nine innings without any difficulties, now we’re looking for Buck to catch in back-to-back days,” said Hillman.  “By the end of the week or the early part of next, we should see John Buck back with the club, but we still have to wait and see.” On another Royals catcher update, starting catcher Miguel Olivo was suspended for one game by Major League Baseball for what was deemed an animated argument with an umpire last Saturday in Pittsburgh.  He will serve his suspension today against the Minnesota Twins.

Sorry Mike

On a more somber note, one week from now, Royals shortstop Mike Aviles will undergo Tommy John surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right elbow.  “Typically 9-12 months is the recovery time for an injury like this, we are going to be very cautious with Mike, and make sure we do this the right way,” said Hillman.   

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 30

Hochevar soaring to new heights

Many reporters were asking manager Trey Hillman what to make of all the fly ball outs by starting pitcher Luke Hochevar, who is primarily a ground ball specialist.  “Yeah, their sure were a lot of fly ball outs last night, what can I say, he’s locating all his pitches better, is really what it is.  It is very encouraging to see as a manager, he’s progressing and becoming more of a pitcher and less of a thrower, it happens at some point to most through maturity and development.” 

How’s everyone doing?

If it was up to Jose Guillen, he would be in the starting line-up tonight against the Minnesota Twins, but it’s not and he isn’t.  The good news is however, they both agree that in a pinch, Guillen’s services are available if need be.  So look for a well rested Jose Guillen in the later innings of the game to help out if needed, if not he is expected to be ready to start tomorrow against Glen Perkins and the Twins (1:10 pm).  Gil Meche had a very successful throwing session yesterday before the game, allaying any fears he or the coaching staff might have about his lack of velocity and consistency.  He is on track and scheduled to pitch tomorrow against Minnesota.   John Buck has been doing quite well with his rehab assignment, throwing the ball and batting without too much discomfort.  “There have been no setbacks to this point, John is moving along very well,” says Hillman.

Trey Hillman Media Session: June 29


Manager Trey Hillman was asked about Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer possibly being able to hit .400 for the entire season.  “He is an excellent hitter, man, I mean he is really good, but it is doubtful he will able to continue this pace for a full year,” said Hillman.  Trey stated, “There are just too many variables, an amazing amount of good things have to go right for something like that to happen again. The wear and tear of a season, playing enough games, injuries, the weather, staying healthy, all play a serious factor, it’s not just about your hitting ability,” said Hillman. 

Who’s on the mend and who isn’t

Royals outfielder Jose Guillen has been given the day off with a sore left side and his time off could be extended a day or two depending on how he feels tomorrow.  Gil Meche threw in the bullpen and everything should be good for his start on Wednesday.  Alex Gordon has been striking the ball well on his rehab stint in Arizona, the same can not be said for his ability to run and maneuver as of yet.  According to Hillman, he is, as expected, having considerable trouble planting his feet, running, and maneuvering in the field and on the base paths.  “He is having difficulty running, we all knew this was going to be a slow and arduous process, he is doing as well as can be expected, and when he comes back it is still going to take time, and there will be day’s where Alex will need time off,” says Hillman.


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