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Hillman Media Session: Mahay and Yabuta

One in and one out

Royals’ left-handed reliever Ron Mahay was designated for assignment this afternoon after almost two full seasons with the Royals.  Manager Trey Hillman said, “He just wasn’t performing like we had hoped for.  It just never really clicked and he never got into any kind of rhythm this season.  He had a couple of really strong months last year, but this season he just hasn’t been in command of his stuff.”  Taking his place on the roster will be Yasuhiko Yabuta, who was signed out of Japan in 2007.  He has spent all of 2009 with Triple-A affiliate Omaha, posting a 2-1 record with a 3.55 ERA (53 K in 45 2/3 IP). 

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: Brayan and Brian

Brayan Pena

pena HR_2637.jpgRoyals catcher Brayan Pena continues to be a work in progress, but manager Trey Hillman says he sees a lot of upside.  “Offensively I love what I am seeing in Brayan, but there is work to be done behind the plate.  He’s an accurate thrower, he doesn’t fumble the ball, he blocks the ball very well, but we just need to continue to work with him on his release and his timing.  Brayan needs to pop up quicker and get the ball out faster, but other then that, we really couldn’t ask for much more out of him.  We will continue to evaluate Brayan through the rest of the season and see the progress that has been made at that point,” Hillman stated.


Brian Bannister has had many quality starts this season but Hillman wants to see more consistency out of his starting pitcher. “It’s all about location with Brian, as his location goes so too goes his opportunity to record a win.  He does a great job with no one on and two outs, but when people are on base with two outs he seems to struggle.  Also, because of the accumulated innings to this point in the season, he is also having a tougher time throwing his cutter with the effectiveness that is necessary,” Hillman said. 

Trey Hillman Media Session: Eight-man pen, Jose Guillen

Eight Men In

An eight-man bullpen is not very customary, but manager Trey Hillman thinks at this point in the season it is very necessary.  “I know it leaves us a little short on the bench, but the leverage it gives us with regards to our starting pitching is substantial.  Our starters don’t have to eat up as many innings, it allows them to rest up, and the pressure to make it to a certain point in the game isn’t there either.  We can mix and match on a different level as well.”

Back So Soon

According to Hillman, Royals outfielder Jose Guillen, currently on the Disabled List, is looking to come back much sooner then later.  “He is coming with us to Seattle, and we are looking for him to be back on the field sometime around September 1.  Guillen is going to continue with his regular rehabbing routines as well as his daily workouts.  If everything goes well and the evaluation process runs its course accordingly, you will see Jose back with the club very soon,” exclaimed the manager.

Trey Hillman Media Session: Joe Mauer, Luke Hochevar

Mister .400?

It’s getting later in the season, we are almost into September and Joe Mauer is hitting .378, do you think he can bat .400?  Well, Royals manager Trey Hillman doesn’t quite think it’s possible in today’s baseball.  “Listen, I got to know this young man during the All-Star break, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and no one is more capable, but I just don’t see it happening.  There are lots of games left in the season, the video these guys watch on each player is astounding, and let’s not forgot how often he is going to be pitched around.  It would be fantastic to see, but I would be shocked.”

Luke Hochevar

Hillman was asked what do we need to see from Luke tonight to get him back on track.  “What he needs to do is be more consistent with his command and locate his fastball effectively.  Luke needs to keep the ball down and induce groundballs, that is when he is dominant.  He knows how to attack hitters, he just needs to pitch where he knows he can in the zone.  These are bumps in the road that most professionals will go through, but he is growing as a pitcher.”

Hillman Interview: Meche could be back on Thursday

Gil Meche

Royals manager Trey Hillman says if everything goes according to plan, look for Royals starter Gil Meche to make a scheduled start on Thursday in the third game of the three-game series in Minnesota (August 11-13).  “We’ll see how things go, but as of right now, we are looking at him going in that third game up in Minnesota.  He says he feels good, and we think he is ready to come back.  We will re-evaluate after the day off on Monday and see where he is.”

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon is not in the lineup today against the Oakland Athletics and, according to Hillman, after a night game that is not something we should be expecting.  “He’s not ready for that, his body isn’t capable of healing up as fast at the present moment.  It is going to be a while before Alex can play an entire three-game series and a day game after a night game.  He’s getting there, it’s just not in the cards right now, he’s doing everything possible but his body needs to rest.”

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: August 8

This ain’t Coors Field!

Something rarely mentioned by the media and spectators alike is how difficult it is to hit home runs at the “New” Kauffman Stadium.  So what are the reasons? Why is it such an arduous task to rip one out of the “New” K?  “The ball really gets knocked down here, whether it’s warm or cold.  It takes a pretty good poke to jolt the ball out of this stadium, you have to really get into one to get it out of here.  I think with the constantly changing wind currents, the way our tunnels are set-up and the level with which the field is at makes it quite difficult.  The swirling winds get a hold of that ball and just bring it down,” manager Trey Hillman stated. 

Pena in Progress

A continual work in progress, Royals catcher Brayan Pena is constantly working on becoming a better catcher and better ballplayer.  “We are consistently working on his footwork behind the plate, blocking the ball is really coming along, but we want to nail down when and when not to throw the ball.  Recognition of situations is paramount, and it comes with experience, so we are working hard, and he is doing a great job.  We are really going through some grueling and difficult drills, but Brayan is doing fantastic,” said Hillman.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: August 7

Billy (Super Boy) Butler

What is Billy Butler doing at the plate that is making him such a terror for opposing pitchers these days?  Manager Trey Hillman says it is a multitude of things, “First, he is not trying to add power during hitters counts, he is taking what they are giving him.  He’s being more selective and he is doing very well when he gets behind in the count.  Billy is growing up and becoming a more complete baseball player, it happens with maturity.”


Hillman says he is going to be taking long hard looks the rest of the season at some of his younger players on the roster.  Case in point is Royals catcher Brayan Pena hitting fourth tonight against the Oakland Athletics, as he did last night.  “We are going to keep looking at him closely. He’s calling games very well. Brayan is a talented baseball player and we like what he is doing at the plate.”

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: August 6

The manager is back!

After an important three-day hiatus from the team to see his family, manager Trey Hillman was back from Texas to manage the Royals last night and met with the media this afternoon prior to tonight’s game against the Seattle Mariners.  “I am excited to be back, I’m doing just fine and I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.”

Mr. Chen

What does Trey Hillman think we need to see from Royals pitcher Bruce Chen that will allow him to compete for a win in tonight’s game.  “His cut-fastball has to be working against the right-handers, its crucial that he locates his change-up, and he absolutely must keep the ball down.  He has been leaving the ball up in a lot of situations, but to his credit, the ball is spinning really well.  This would be a huge win for both Bruce and the team.” 

Josh Anderson Clubhouse Media Session: August 5

New Kid(s) on the Block

Newly acquired outfielder Josh Anderson spoke with the local media today for the first time since becoming a Kansas City Royal last Thursday.  First and foremost was the health and status of his newly born son Easton Aaron Anderson.  ‘My wife and child (Easton) are healthy and doing just fine, we are very blessed to have had such a healthy baby boy born yesterday morning at 8:11 a.m. in Somerset, Kentucky.”  He went on to say that the name Easton is no way a reference to the sports-related brand name, nor does the middle name Aaron have anything to do with Hall of Fame great Hank Aaron.                 

Baseball was brought up in time and it was quickly made clear to reporters Anderson’s intentions and admiration for the Royals organization (mainly GM Dayton Moore) for giving him another shot at the big leagues.  “I’m just glad to part of a team again, you never know in this game, I look forward to playing hard whenever called upon and I will do my best to contribute to this wonderful organization.  Being in the big leagues is a great thing. I love playing the game of baseball. I just thank Dayton Moore and the Royals for giving me a second chance and standing by my family and I while our son was being born.  They gave my family and I all the time we needed to go through this wonderful experience.” 

Anderson was asked what his biggest asset is to the team, and where he thinks he’ll contribute the most.  “My speed, I steal bases, use my legs to disrupt opponents and run down balls in the outfield, that is when I am most dangerous.”  Royals fans, let me tell you, this gentlemen surely will not hurt the chemistry of this clubhouse, he was a class act to be around!  


Manager Trey Hillman will be back for tonight’s game against the Seattle Mariners, although he couldn’t quite make it in time for the daily pregame media session. Hillman has been in Texas tending to family matters since Sunday night.  “He is doing fine right now, we are really looking forward to having him back behind the bench tonight,” said bench coach John Gibbons.

John Gibbons Media Session: August 4

Coming back home

Bench coach John Gibbons was asked to update the media on the how his manager and friend Trey Hillman is doing, and when we can expect him back.  “He is doing just fine, we are all behind him and look forward to him coming back tomorrow at some point.  I will be managing the game tonight against the Mariners,” Gibbons said.  The KC skipper had to unexpectedly fly home to Texas on Sunday after the game, for what has only been described as “an emergency back home”.  We hope all is well and send our best wishes to Trey and the entire Hillman family.

Meche in Memphis

Royals pitcher Gil Meche made a rehab start for Triple-A affiliate Omaha yesterday. Meche took the loss (0-1) in Memphis’ 5-2  win over the Royals, with what was reported as an up and down performance.  His numbers for the game:(3.2 IP, 0 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 2 SO, 0 HR). Meche was back in KC and with the club today prior to batting practice.


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