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Ballpark Food: Three Barbecue Must-Haves at Kauffman Stadium

Sometimes when the shoe fits, you just have to wear it.

Kansas City is known for its world famous barbecue so chefs at Kauffman Stadium figured the food at The K should be representative of the city. The chefs have come up with some unique ways to use the city’s trademark to make delicious ballpark food.

The K boasts its own barbecue pit. The smoker is fueled by wood
shipped in from the Ozarks.  The two woods used are hickory and

Located beyond Rivals in right field, the smoker can kick out some serious brisket,
pork and pretty much anything you may want to smoke. On busy
days they can crank out 400 pounds of barbecue!  The pit in right field
supplies all the smoked meat to the ballpark.

The Kauffman Stadium barbecue pit.

If you happen to make your way to a Royals game this season there
are a few things at the concession stands you have to try:

All-Star Dog1. The Kansas City All-Star Dog

It’s the king of hot dogs, with a barbecue twist. It consists of a delicious Farmland Hot
Dog on a bun smothered with smoked-pulled pork, homemade cole slaw, pickles
and is topped with some savory barbecue sauce. It’s a hot dog / barbecue lovers dream!

Nachos2. Cheesy Corn Brisket-Acho

It is the Kauffman Stadium take on nachos. Now these are not your typical nachos. They have
everything and are full of Kansas City flavor. Layers. That may be the best way to
describe these nachos.

Layer 1: Chips.
Layer 2: Smoked Brisket.
Layer 3: Cheesy Corn. (Another notorious KC side dish)
Layer 4: Homemade Cole Slaw.
Layer 5: Lettuce.
Layer 6: Salsa
Layer 7: Jalapenos

SAMSUNG CSC3. The Wurstle
This one believe it or not does have barbecue. It is your more traditional ballpark food, kind of…

The Wurstle is a European style dog, served on a fresh baked baguette from Farmto-Market, a local bakery.  The Wurstle comes with endless condiments and is a fan favorite. The baguette is hollowed out, stuffed with condiments of your choice and of course the hot dog. It is a unique twist on the hot dog and it is delicious!

By Kent Klooster


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