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Renovation photos: Royals Hall of Fame

The Royals Hall of Fame opens on July 17.  Royals photographer Chris Vleisides passed on a few photos as the construction enters the final stages.  Here’s a sneak peek:

The photo below is a protective case that holds a giant number 5.  Construction workers were busy taking this covering off of the case.  We didn’t stick around to see the final product, which is a plexiglass number 5 for George Brett.  It will house 3,154 baseballs, one for every hit in Brett’s career.


hall of fame_300_8768.jpg

Next you see a panel about Municipal Stadium.  Royals Hall of Fame director Curt Nelson and his team spent many hours researching Kansas City baseball history for the text and graphics that fill these panels.

hall of fame_300_8763.jpg

Fans of all ages will soon be enjoying the Royals Hall of Fame.  Be sure to stop by on or after July 17, or see the Hall of Fame article in Issue 4 of Royals Gameday Magazine, which goes on sale July 17.


Video: Making of the Crown

Attention Royals fans, there is a must-see video on about the making of the new Kauffman Stadium crown!

Kevin Uhlich, Senior Vice President-Business Operations, describes the Royals’ design thoughts for this iconic piece and how the crown fits with the overall renovation.

William Zahner and Anthony Birchler of A. Zahner Company talk about the engineering work and the materials that went into the crown.

The video concludes with an awesome time lapse…we’ll let you check it out for yourself!

Open House Photos

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather on Sunday to see the new attractions at Kauffman Stadium! If you missed the Open House, don’t worry, you can get your tickets to an upcoming game at!

Carousel 2.jpg
Interactive Batting Cage.jpg

Little K.jpg
Kids Store.jpg

Little K 2 - Open House.jpg
Concessions 1.jpg








Rivals - Bud Light Party Deck.jpg


Crown and Fountains.jpg

DRI DUCK Fountain Seats

General admission seating is back! The DRI DUCK Fountain Seats, located in left field, are available only on game days (excluding April 10, 2009) for just $7. The first 100 fans arriving at these seats each game receive a special edition Royals cap made exclusively by DRI DUCK. The featured cap design will change for every homestand. Here’s a look at the DRI DUCK signage being installed at Kauffman Stadium.



Open house on April 5; Mini Golf photos

The Royals will host a special open house on April 5 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

During the open house, fans will be able to tour at leisure the entire Plaza Level and new Outfield Experience area, getting a first-hand look at the expanded concourses, new concession and retail locations, and all the entertainment options in the outfield including interactive games for kids and a main stage for pre- and post-game parties.  All interactive games and activities in the Outfield Experience, such as the John Deere Little K, Sluggerrr’s Mini Golf presented by The Golf Stop and the new Kauffman Stadium Carousel, will be free during the open house.   In addition, the club will be offering group tours of the renovated Loge and View Levels. 

Throughout the stadium, fans will have a chance to taste the newest flavors of Kauffman Stadium as featured concessions will be available at discounted prices, including a special menu of $1 and $2 items.  Select retail areas will also be open for those wanting to purchase the latest Royals merchandise.

Parking and admittance to the open house is free to all fans, but a ticket is required for entrance into the stadium.  Fans may secure tickets for the event by visiting the Kauffman Stadium Box Office on the day of the event, April 5, beginning at 9 a.m.

Here’s a look at Sluggerrr’s Mini Golf presented by The Golf Stop. Be sure to check it out on April 5!

Golf 6.JPG
Golf 1.JPG









Golf 4.JPG
Golf 5.JPG

Preparing for a Royal Coronation

New Crown 2.23.jpgFountains and a crown scoreboard…those are the truly identifying features of Kauffman Stadium. When CrownVision debuted in 2008, the signature top piece was absent. It took time to design a massive new crown to sit atop the world’s largest high definition LED video display. Now it’s almost time for the new crown to go up, piece by piece!


Workers have now installed support beams atop CrownVision. Over the next few weeks, the crown will be installed. Check back for more pictures of the new crown, which promises to be a new Kansas City icon!


New Crown 2.23.3.jpg
New Crown 2.23.2.jpg

Renovation Photos: The view from left

Our tour yesterday allowed us to see the field from several vantage points in left field. Here’s a glimpse:

Here’s what the field looks like from the old JumboTron platform, which is being transformed into an outdoor bar. Yes, you’re right behind the left field fountains and have an amazing view of the field! Now we turn to your left and take a look at CrownVision from our perch in left center.
Stadium 1.22.09 029.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 030.jpg


Next we look at the field from inside the Royals Hall of Fame. What a view!

Stadium 1.22.09 035.jpg 







Finally, we step out into sections 104, 105, and 106, which are Outfield Box sections located in front of the Hall of Fame building. 

Stadium 1.22.09 042.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 045.jpg

Renovation Photos: Covering the terrain

Today was a beautiful today in Kansas City — sunny with temps topping 60 degrees. ATH joined Royals staff members on a tour of Kauffman Stadium. The renovations will bring more square footage, and that area has to be covered. We bring you pictures of concrete, the Little K, and the concourse flooring. We are just scratching the surface, so to speak, as we will have more pictures of the renovations tomorrow.

We start our photo tour near the right field gate (now known as Gate E, formerly known as Gate D). The new entryway is being built and fresh concrete was going in today in front of Rivals Sports Bar.

Stadium 1.22.09 001.jpg
Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 005.jpg









The warm weather allowed for concrete to be poured throughout the Outfield Experience.

Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 017.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 027.jpg











These next two pictures are for the kids. Workers have begun the installation of turf at the new and expanded Little K!


Thumbnail image for Little K 3.jpg

Thumbnail image for Little K 2.jpg









We complete our ‘surfaces’ post with a walk to View Level. On the left, you can see the concrete work on the third base side (now Gate B, formerly Gate A). This will be complemented by landscaping and prairie grass. Our final picture shows the new flooring on View Level. This surface will be utilized on concourses throughout Kauffman Stadium.
Stadium 1.22.09 049.jpg
Thumbnail image for New Flooring View Level.jpg


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Up on the Roof

The rooftop of Rivals Sports Bar will be a major attraction in 2009. We snapped a few photos of the renovations from the roof. We start with a view of the batter’s box.

Stadium 1.07.09 066.jpg


One view that will “rival” the view from above Rivals is the view from Kauffman Stadium’s fountain seats, which are taking shape in left and right field. 

LF Fountains.jpg
RF Fountains.jpg








Stadium 1.07.09 067.jpgHall of Fame.jpg



 In left field, work continues on the Royals Hall of Fame building. We leave you with a wide  shot of the outfield from the roof of Rivals.

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The Outfield Experience

Today ATH went on a tour of Kauffman Stadium. It was chilly but the conditions were right for a walk through the new outfield experience. After the renovations are complete, fans will be able to get a 360 degree feel for the stadium by visiting this area.

We start our tour on the third base side. You’ve parked your car, and now you’re walking towards our camera on the new concrete path (left). Once inside, you take a few minutes to check out the Royals Hall of Fame (right).

Third Base Walkway.jpg

Hall of Fame 4.jpg

After visiting the Hall of Fame, you take a few minutes to watch batting practice from this angle. Then, you proceed on to the outside bar which sits atop the old JumboTron pad.

View from left center.jpg

Old Jumbotron Platform 1.jpgNext, it’s on to the new Little K, which is much larger than its predecessor. After the kids hit a few home runs, you move on to right center and pause for another look at the field from a view that’s new to you.


View from Right Center.jpg

Your walk takes you to the new restaurant and sports bar in right field. Once inside, you can take a look at the field or watch some of the Royals pregame show on Fox Sports Kansas City, all while dining on great food.

Outside Rivals.jpg
Inside Rivals.jpgThose are just a few of the features of the outfield experience. Our next post will include pictures taken from the rooftop of the right field restaurant — it’s a spectacular view, so check back!

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