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Friday lineup, KC Sky Show after the game

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Tonight’s lineup for the 7:10 game vs. Detroit:  (Podsednik – LF), (Kendall – C), (DeJesus – RF), (Butler – 1B), (Guillen – DH), (Callaspo – 3B), (Aviles – 2B), (Maier – CF), (Betancourt – SS), (Chen – P)

Sky Show Photos

300_4399.jpgWhat a game last night!  Luke Hochevar threw his first complete game in the Majors, using just 80 pitches in a contest that lasted just 2:12.  It’s a good thing that the game wasn’t any shorter, because we needed the sun to go down for the KC Sky Show, which followed the 4-1 win over Cincinnati.  Here are a few pictures courtesy of team photographer Chris Vleisides.



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