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Renovation Photos: The view from left

Our tour yesterday allowed us to see the field from several vantage points in left field. Here’s a glimpse:

Here’s what the field looks like from the old JumboTron platform, which is being transformed into an outdoor bar. Yes, you’re right behind the left field fountains and have an amazing view of the field! Now we turn to your left and take a look at CrownVision from our perch in left center.
Stadium 1.22.09 029.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 030.jpg


Next we look at the field from inside the Royals Hall of Fame. What a view!

Stadium 1.22.09 035.jpg 







Finally, we step out into sections 104, 105, and 106, which are Outfield Box sections located in front of the Hall of Fame building. 

Stadium 1.22.09 042.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 045.jpg

Renovation Photos: Covering the terrain

Today was a beautiful today in Kansas City — sunny with temps topping 60 degrees. ATH joined Royals staff members on a tour of Kauffman Stadium. The renovations will bring more square footage, and that area has to be covered. We bring you pictures of concrete, the Little K, and the concourse flooring. We are just scratching the surface, so to speak, as we will have more pictures of the renovations tomorrow.

We start our photo tour near the right field gate (now known as Gate E, formerly known as Gate D). The new entryway is being built and fresh concrete was going in today in front of Rivals Sports Bar.

Stadium 1.22.09 001.jpg
Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 005.jpg









The warm weather allowed for concrete to be poured throughout the Outfield Experience.

Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 017.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 027.jpg











These next two pictures are for the kids. Workers have begun the installation of turf at the new and expanded Little K!


Thumbnail image for Little K 3.jpg

Thumbnail image for Little K 2.jpg









We complete our ‘surfaces’ post with a walk to View Level. On the left, you can see the concrete work on the third base side (now Gate B, formerly Gate A). This will be complemented by landscaping and prairie grass. Our final picture shows the new flooring on View Level. This surface will be utilized on concourses throughout Kauffman Stadium.
Stadium 1.22.09 049.jpg
Thumbnail image for New Flooring View Level.jpg


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Up on the Roof

The rooftop of Rivals Sports Bar will be a major attraction in 2009. We snapped a few photos of the renovations from the roof. We start with a view of the batter’s box.

Stadium 1.07.09 066.jpg


One view that will “rival” the view from above Rivals is the view from Kauffman Stadium’s fountain seats, which are taking shape in left and right field. 

LF Fountains.jpg
RF Fountains.jpg








Stadium 1.07.09 067.jpgHall of Fame.jpg



 In left field, work continues on the Royals Hall of Fame building. We leave you with a wide  shot of the outfield from the roof of Rivals.

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The Outfield Experience

Today ATH went on a tour of Kauffman Stadium. It was chilly but the conditions were right for a walk through the new outfield experience. After the renovations are complete, fans will be able to get a 360 degree feel for the stadium by visiting this area.

We start our tour on the third base side. You’ve parked your car, and now you’re walking towards our camera on the new concrete path (left). Once inside, you take a few minutes to check out the Royals Hall of Fame (right).

Third Base Walkway.jpg

Hall of Fame 4.jpg

After visiting the Hall of Fame, you take a few minutes to watch batting practice from this angle. Then, you proceed on to the outside bar which sits atop the old JumboTron pad.

View from left center.jpg

Old Jumbotron Platform 1.jpgNext, it’s on to the new Little K, which is much larger than its predecessor. After the kids hit a few home runs, you move on to right center and pause for another look at the field from a view that’s new to you.


View from Right Center.jpg

Your walk takes you to the new restaurant and sports bar in right field. Once inside, you can take a look at the field or watch some of the Royals pregame show on Fox Sports Kansas City, all while dining on great food.

Outside Rivals.jpg
Inside Rivals.jpgThose are just a few of the features of the outfield experience. Our next post will include pictures taken from the rooftop of the right field restaurant — it’s a spectacular view, so check back!

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Renovation Update

The Kauffman Stadium renovations have been one of our most popular features on Around the Horn. On Wednesday, we’ll bring you new pictures as we count down to April 10. Look for a late afternoon post. Until then, check out the galleries at or our earlier ATH photos (October and December).

Also on Wednesday, be sure to watch the local television news and sports in Kansas City. We’ve invited them out for a look at the stadium.

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Royals launch 3D seating chart

182x100_kc_3d_seat_views.gifYou’ve seen the renderings and our construction photos…now you can check out your favorite Kauffman Stadium seating locations by accessing the new online 3D seating chart on

The interactive seating chart provides panoramic views that allow you to control sightlines and zoom in to areas of interest. In addition, the online tool lets you virtually explore the new features of the Kauffman Stadium renovation project that are scheduled for completion in 2009.

Did you find your favorite spot in the ballpark? Be sure to reserve it with a ticket plan for 2009. Several affordable ticket packages are on sale now, including the popular Buy 2, Get 2 Plan and the new 9-game plan. For a limited time, the 9-game ticket plan includes the opportunity to purchase tickets for the 2009 home opener and Grand Re-Opening of Kauffman Stadium on Friday, April 10 when the Royals host the New York Yankees. You may purchase any Royals ticket package for the 2009 season online at or by calling (816) 504-4040.

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Stadium Renovations

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes photos from Kauffman Stadium. These pictures were taken on December 10, so the project has progressed in a week. Be sure to check out the photo galleries, webcams, and renovations news on

Stadium 12.10 032.jpg

We start with a wide shot of the snow-filled field. The batting cage was out, but no one was taking cuts on this cool day.

Stadium 12.10 007.jpg
Stadium 12.10 017.jpgNext, we move inside for a look at the widened concourse on the plaza level (left). Notice that the new concession stands are in place, just a few months after demolition work started in this area. On the right is a concession area on the Loge Level.

Stadium 12.10 044.jpg
Stadium 12.10 020.jpg









On the left, scaffolding is in place as work continues on the new Stadium Club. On the right, steel is in place in the former View Box seats. This area will house the new press box.

Stadium 12.10 025.jpg
Blue Covering 2.jpg









Finally, here’s a look at some of the new additions on the outside of the original stadium. On the left are the new escalators that will service the Loge and View Levels. The glass on the right is on a new office building. This level of the building will house the Royals front office. The ground floor will feature a team store and ticket office, while the roof will be the food court for the View Level. The picture on the right shows the new panels on the outside of the stadium.

Check back for more photos as we count down the days to the April 10 opener!

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Waiver wars, renovation photos

Jairo Cuevas (pronounced “HIGH-row KWAY-vahs”) was a Brave, then a Royal, then a Brave, and now…a Royal…all in the matter of six and a half weeks. The Royals now have 39 players on their 40-man roster after they re-claimed the right-handed pitcher from Atlanta. Kansas City originally claimed Cuevas on October 24. Atlanta re-claimed him on November 26.

Cuevas, 24, made just seven appearances (six starts) in the Braves organization this season for Mississippi (AA) and the Gulf Coast Braves (R).  The 6-foot-2, 217-pounder underwent season-ending surgery on his labrum in his right shoulder on Aug. 22.  The resident of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was the 2005 Danville (R) Most Valuable Pitcher of the Year, going 6-1 with a 1.95 ERA in 27 appearances, including 23 starts.  He was originally signed by the Braves as a non-drafted free agent on March 20, 2003.

Renovation photos

This morning, we had the chance to take a tour of Kauffman Stadium. Recent snowfall prevented us from checking out the outfield experience, but we have some new pictures that will be posted soon, so check back!

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Coco Crisp on his new team and his competitive attitude in Monopoly

Coco Crisp is usually awakened around 9 a.m. by his kids at his California home. Today’s wake-up call came a bit earlier, around 7 a.m., when he learned that he had been traded to the Royals. Crisp had an idea that he might be dealt this week and was excited to learn about his move to Kansas City.

Coco described himself as down to earth, competitive, a family man, and a person who tries to stay within his abilities on the baseball field. He wants to win and brings a presence to the park every day. The winning attitude comes from his roots in a competitive family. Every family event from Monopoly to ping-pong was a must-win competition in the Crisp household.

His time in Boston was hampered by nagging injuries, but he described it as a good learning experience. He knows only a few of his new teammates, but he is looking forward to a return to the AL Central, where had success as a member of the Cleveland Indians from 2002 to 2005.

We welcome Coco to the club. It’s likely that he’ll be the first player to patrol centerfield at the “New K”, so make plans today to watch Royals baseball from his perspective in some of our brand new seating areas in 2009.

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Renovations: Loge Level

One of the biggest undertakings of 2008-09 offseason is the transformation of Loge Level. In 2009, Kauffman Stadium will feature a new press box, new broadcast booths, and expanded suite options. Let’s take a look.

This picture from section 118 shows the demolition that has been done on the Loge Level from the press box to the Stadium Club.

Press Area.jpgOn the field level. the Diamond Club is being built. The old press box will house new radio and television booths. Sections in the View Level have been removed for the new writing press box.

As we proceed into this area, you can get an idea of the large amount of space that was cleared. The picture below is from the old concourse on Loge Level. This area housed offices and the press dining club. On the right is an up close and personal look at the areas that were removed for the new press box. This is the view that writers, including’s Dick Kaegel, will have in 2009. 

Old Offices.jpg
New Press Box.jpg Our tour concludes in the old Stadium Club area. This area is being transformed into a smaller Stadium Club, along with new Party Suites for 2009.

Party Suites3.jpg

Party Suites Construction.jpg


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