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Photos: Wednesday workout

3-10 Workout.jpgWhen we post a Spring Training lineup, you might ask, “why isn’t (insert player name) in the lineup?”  Each time the Royals play a road game, a travel roster is assembled.  The Royals have 66 players in camp and not all of them can get into the game.  Sometimes it makes more sense to have certain players stay in Surprise for a full workout and batting practice.  Today, for example, the game is in Tucson, which is about two and a half hours from Surprise.  The players can get more work in at the complex.  Let’s take a look at today’s workout for the players in Surprise:

On the left, Willie Bloomquist awaits his turn in the cage.  On the right, Jose Guillen gets his reps.

3-10 Bloomquist.jpg
3-10 Guillen.jpg


George Brett threw batting practice today.  He also spent some time talking with new Royal Rick Ankiel.Ankiel Brett.jpg


3-10 Brett.jpg















Aaron Crow Introduced (photos)

Crow 1.JPGAaron Crow
is a lifelong Royals fan whose dream has been to play in the big leagues for the Royals.  Today, he took a step toward that dream as he was introduced at an afternoon press conference. 

Crow 2.JPGCrow is ready to get out onto the field, and he will have that opportunity soon as he will report to the Royals’ instructional league team in Arizona on Sunday.  Workouts begin on Monday.

He has stayed in shape with workouts, bullpen sessions, simulated games and side sessions.  Crow says that he is just older and wiser than last year.  His pitching repertoire is mainly a fastball and a sinker, with a slider and change-up mixed in.  He has worked a lot on improving his change-up over the last year.

Crow 4.JPGWhen asked if the Major League contract put pressure on him, Aaron calmly said he doesn’t see it as pressure but a challenge. 

General Manager Dayton Moore said that the Royals will not put limitations on Aaron.  As a player in Major League camp, he will be given the opportunity to make the team out of Spring Training.  However, the overall goal is for Aaron to have a 15+ year career in the Majors.  Moore sees a tremendous competitor with great drive.

Assistant General Manager-Scouting & Player Development J.J. Picollo mentioned that signing the first-round pick was a priority.  He is anxious to get Crow into the mix.

Jose Guillen was placed on the 60-day D.L. to create a spot on the 40-man roster for Crow.

Trey Hillman Media Session: Eight-man pen, Jose Guillen

Eight Men In

An eight-man bullpen is not very customary, but manager Trey Hillman thinks at this point in the season it is very necessary.  “I know it leaves us a little short on the bench, but the leverage it gives us with regards to our starting pitching is substantial.  Our starters don’t have to eat up as many innings, it allows them to rest up, and the pressure to make it to a certain point in the game isn’t there either.  We can mix and match on a different level as well.”

Back So Soon

According to Hillman, Royals outfielder Jose Guillen, currently on the Disabled List, is looking to come back much sooner then later.  “He is coming with us to Seattle, and we are looking for him to be back on the field sometime around September 1.  Guillen is going to continue with his regular rehabbing routines as well as his daily workouts.  If everything goes well and the evaluation process runs its course accordingly, you will see Jose back with the club very soon,” exclaimed the manager.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: July 24

Jose on the sidelines

Royals outfielder Jose Guillen has been put on the 15-Day Disabled List with an LCL tear in his right knee.  Apparently, while preparing for his first at-bat of the game Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Guillen felt a pop in his right knee.  According to Manager Trey Hillman, “At the moment, it is 4-6 weeks with the possibility of taking as long as 8-10.  It might need to be surgically repaired, but we are looking into getting a second opinion on the knee and we’ll go from there.” 


Not too much new to report from the Royals dugout today, except that Royals pitchers Gil Meche and Kyle Farnsworth both threw off the mound prior to the game today.  They will be closely monitored, evaluated and a determination will be made on their readiness as well as progress from their prospective injuries.

Trey Hillman on doubleheaders and giving back to the community

The Twin Bill Challenge

I think everyone can agree that playing two Major League baseball games in one afternoon/evening is probably quite difficult, but for whom. Well, manager Trey Hillman says on behalf of the coaching staff, the roster challenges alone make a doubleheader a very trying and stressful experience.  “You have to execute quality matchups and set-ups, while formulating two hopefully successful lineups, and at the same time making sure everyone gets to participate in the game.  Adjustments need to be made swiftly from game one to game two, with unexpected situations taking place in the first game that can dictate your coaching style for the second.


Apparently, Royals outfielder Jose Guillen is quite the off-the-field philanthropist, but don’t ask him about it, because he most likely won’t tell you either way.  This according to manager Trey Hillman, “He contributes in a big way in the community, giving away large amounts of envied tickets to the disenfranchised children in the area, he just doesn’t talk about it to people.  Every home game he buys thirty tickets down the first base line (face value, $33 a pop) for children who otherwise would not be experiencing a Royals baseball game.”  He recently made comments about not being worthy of his large contract, it’s nice to know its being spread around the Kansas City area to those in need.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 30

Hochevar soaring to new heights

Many reporters were asking manager Trey Hillman what to make of all the fly ball outs by starting pitcher Luke Hochevar, who is primarily a ground ball specialist.  “Yeah, their sure were a lot of fly ball outs last night, what can I say, he’s locating all his pitches better, is really what it is.  It is very encouraging to see as a manager, he’s progressing and becoming more of a pitcher and less of a thrower, it happens at some point to most through maturity and development.” 

How’s everyone doing?

If it was up to Jose Guillen, he would be in the starting line-up tonight against the Minnesota Twins, but it’s not and he isn’t.  The good news is however, they both agree that in a pinch, Guillen’s services are available if need be.  So look for a well rested Jose Guillen in the later innings of the game to help out if needed, if not he is expected to be ready to start tomorrow against Glen Perkins and the Twins (1:10 pm).  Gil Meche had a very successful throwing session yesterday before the game, allaying any fears he or the coaching staff might have about his lack of velocity and consistency.  He is on track and scheduled to pitch tomorrow against Minnesota.   John Buck has been doing quite well with his rehab assignment, throwing the ball and batting without too much discomfort.  “There have been no setbacks to this point, John is moving along very well,” says Hillman.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 18

Does anyone actually like this weather?


Could some baseball players possibly like playing in this hot, sticky weather?  According to manager Trey Hillman, he’s got some players on his team that relish playing under these types of conditions.  “You bet man, Jose Guillen and the rest of the Latin players grew up playing in this kind of weather, they can’t wait for it every year,” said Hillman.  “There is a comfort level there for some of the guys, you like what you know, even if it is weather that feels like 120 degrees.” 


Hey, a little something for the effort


Hillman was raving about the new-found power in Jose Guillen’s legs allowing him to seemingly give more of an effort on the basepaths and in the field.  “He just seems to be playing harder, I don’t know what else to say, he looks like he is enjoying what he’s doing out there,” said Hillman.  Again, Trey said there is something to playing in warmer weather for most of the Latin guys.  Whatever the case, the manager is excited about the effort he is seeing from his starting right fielder.   


Coco Crisp


The Royals centerfielder is continuing to work on the lower half of his body, keeping in shape the only part of him that can move without obvious pain.  His upper body with his bum right shoulder is unable to do much of anything, making him incapable of throwing a ball, or swinging a bat.  “Another evaluation will be made in the near future, but at the moment and for the time being, we are shutting him down,” stated Hillman.

May Birthdays: Happy Birthday George!

George_Brett_S_bf002.jpgMay 15 is George Brett’s 56th birthday!  George shares his day with future football Hall of Famer and noted ballroom dancer Emmitt Smith, who hits the big 4-0!









Dennis_Leonard_S_0b002.jpgFellow Royals Hall of Famer Dennis Leonard turned 58 on May 8.  Leo was born on the same day as Harry S. Truman (1884).





Royals slugger Jose Guillen will turn 33 on Sunday.  Also on that day, Dennis Hopper will be 73 while Bob Saget and Sugar Ray Leonard will be 53.  Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block turns 39.6-23 Guillen.JPG

7-15 Soria.jpgJoakim Soria’s big day is Monday as he hits the quarter-century mark.  He shares his day with baseball greats Brooks Robinson (72) and Reggie Jackson (63) and comic Tina Fey (39).  The late Pope John Paul II was born on this day in 1920.  









Two broadcasters round out our list.  Bob Davis has a birthday on May 27 (as does Henry Kissinger, 86), while Fred White celebrates on May 29.  Bob Hope was born on May 29, 1903 and John F. Kennedy was born on that day in 1917.


Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

On Jose Guillen, who hit two home runs on Monday

Guillen says his timing is there.  Hillman disagreed with him on his first game back, but believes he has his timing now.  He needs to just swing at good pitches

On Soria and Waechter injury updates

There is no time table on a return for Joakim Soria or Doug Waechter.  Waechter threw a bullpen session today without pain.

On Greinke, the SI cover, and media attention

Hillman noted that Zack is a special pitcher (and admitted that special is an understatement).

Zack does not get caught up in the hype of the SI cover, but Hillman believes it is great for Greinke and for Royals.

Hillman mentioned that Zack has a lot of personal strength and that his teammates and coaches love working with Zack.  He noted that pitching coach Bob McClure and catcher Miguel Olivo have been vital in Zack’s development.

Hillman is hopeful that the national attention of Zack on the Sports Illustrated cover will bring more people out to the game tomorrow night (Wednesday) when Greinke makes the start.  He also mentioned what the attention can do for the team.

“We have the desire…we can be the team we want to be for the Kansas City community and build our fan base outside of the Kansas City area as well.”

Trey Hillman's Pregame Dugout Interview

Soria shelved

Kansas City Royals closer Joakim Soria is going to be out a minimum of 3-5 days due to tightness in his right shoulder.  The good news is the MRI showed there is no structural damage.

I’m back

Kansas City Royals RF Jose Guillen is probable for tomorrow’s game against the Detroit Tigers.  His status has been upgraded due to his consistent effort with regards to weight training and the strengthening of his hip.  Hillman stated he would most likely like to see Guillen in right field, and is excited to find a spot in the line-up where his power can be utilized.  Guillen will continue to monitored and days off are not out of the question.  Guillen has been on the disabled list since April 10 with a partially torn right hip flexor.

Here I come, Orel

Manager Trey Hillman was bombarded with questions about the ever-consistent and amazingly steady Zack Greinke.  Many reporters were asking the Royals manager, “What do you expect from Zack, what can we expect.”  His response, “I won’t ask him to give me what we have been seeing, you can’t expect that from him, it’s not fair”.  The Skipper went on to say that to maintain and stay relatively consistent is of more importance.  One reporter asked, can you give me two words or less to describe Zack, he said, “fantastic”.   I think we all agree with that last statement.  To date, Zack Greinke has pitched 34.0 scoreless innings, 25 shy of the all-time major league record set in 1988 by Dodgers great Orel Hershiser.  Although to be fair, Hershiser did it all in one season.


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