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A Look Inside: The Royals Clubhouse

8-28 Clubhouse.JPGGood afternoon Royals fans. Hope all is well today and you’re ready for a nice long Labor Day weekend. Around the Horn is ready for some baseball after the off day. We’ve got three in Detroit and then another off day Monday before the Royals open their second to last home stand.

Since there wasn’t any baseball for us yesterday, today is the perfect opportunity to give you a look inside a place many people don’t get to see. Today, we’re going inside the Royals Clubhouse. We didn’t want to intrude on the team’s privacy too much so we waited for the team to hit the road before we snapped our photos. So here we go…

8-28 Gordon's Locker.JPG

The first picture is a general overall shot of the clubhouse. For the most part position players are along one row and pitchers on the opposite side of the clubhouse. To kill time, you’ll often find the guys playing cards at the tables in the center.

Here’s a close up view of Alex Gordon’s locker. He’s got a few pairs of spikes, some turf shoes and some regular workout shoes in there. And you can see the pile of batting gloves.

8-28 Trainer's Room.JPGThe trainer’s room is a place a lot of guys will go when they get to the park. Many get massages before the game, after BP or after the game. Despite the recent rash of injuries, the team has been healthy this season and that’s a credit to Head Athletic Trainer Nick Swartz and his staff.

8-28 Whirlpool.JPGThe whirlpool/hot tub is a nice place to soak the bumps and bruises and aches that come from the grind of 162 games in 180 days.

8-28 Mailboxes.JPGThese slots are the player mailboxes. Now you might be saying, there’s not really any mail in those boxes. Well, Around the Horn was informed after taking this picture that all of their fan mail had been moved to the actual boxes which sit below the mail boxes on the wall.

Each box is numbered, so you can see the No. 4 which is sitting on top of another box. Yep, that’s Alex Gordon’s and yes he needs two boxes. He gets a lot of fan mail. Apparently he’s popular in Nebraska.

You can also clearly see David DeJesus (No. 9), Alberto Callaspo (No. 13) and John Buck (No. 14).

8-28 Player's Lounge 1.JPGThe player’s lounge is just down the hall from the Clubhouse. Like the trainer’s room, this area is off limits to the media and other Clubhouse visitors.

8-28 Player's Lounge 2.JPGIt’s a neat room. Photos of former players adorn the walls, many of them with their kids or candid shots of them just hanging out. There’s a cooler with plenty of cold drinks for them to relax with before going out to the field. The recliners are also vibrating, so you’ll often see pitchers using them and collecting themselves before starts.

8-28 Food Room.JPGThe food room is right next door to the lounge and is a heavily trafficked area. Often times, the players will eat two or three meals a day at the stadium. So having a full service room is a nice way to monitor what they are eating, making sure its healthy and a place for them to grab a bite to eat anytime they need a little extra.

8-28 Jars.JPGAlthough most of the food in the food room is healthy, a little snack never hurt anybody. And when you’re trying to serve 25 guys plus a handful of coaches, you never know what they might have a sweet tooth for, so they’ve got a little of everything in there. It’s almost like a candy store.

8-28 Clubhouse Enter.JPGAt the end of the hallway joining the Clubhouse to the players lounge, food room, trainer’s room and weight room, this stands. It’s a tribute to two of the greatest Royals of all-time and the only two players with retired numbers, George Brett and Frank White.

Hopefully its a bit of an inspiration too, to see the two greats who once lockered where the likes of DeJesus and Gordon and Gil Meche and Zack Greinke do.

8-28 Video Room Monitors.JPGJust before heading to the dugout, an essential room is always buzzing. Mark Topping, the Royals Video Coordinator and his staff work diligently to make sure all the high tech needs of a baseball team competing in the 21st century are met.

This state of the art room is decked out with computer monitors and TV screens everywhere.

It’s all to allow the players and staff to watch or review anything that might help, be it a previous at-bat, an opposing pitcher or a minor leaguer in the Royals system.

8-28 Video Bank.JPGThe whole room is controlled through this bank. It’s home to the servers, tape decks, recorders and a host of other equipment that Around the Horn isn’t up to speed with.

The room was one of the first pieces to be re-done as a part of the renovation process.

8-28 Video Room Stacks.JPGWe had to take a picture of this. Around the Horn had never seen so many DirecTV boxes in one place. Each one is responsible for receiving a game to be recorded and each is marked with a Post-It note.

Everything from the high school prospect games, collegiate games, minor league games or even the Colorado-San Diego game tonight is recorder through this bank.








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Another: The Finale in Oakland

Another solid offensive game last night for the Boys in Blue…Another multi-homer game…Another strong start from Gil Meche and the Royals rotation…Another shave of the head for John Buck…And another save for Joakim Soria who now owns the record for most saves in a single season by a Mexican born pitcher.

It all added up to another win for the Royals, their third in a row.

Tonight’s lineup: Off day tomorrow, so we’ll try to give you another Touch’em All on Friday. Don’t miss our last Touch’em all interview with Hall of Fame broadcasters Denny Matthews and Dave Niehuas.

Aviles 2B
Maier CF
Gordon 3B
Guillen RF
Teahen LF
Butler DH
Gload 1B
Olivo C
Pena SS

Bannister P

Today’s Official Game Notes.

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Day 2 in the Big Apple – Game Day

7-15 All Star.jpgApparently there is an All-Star Game going on in New York. At least that’s what Vice President of Communications and Broadcasting Mike Swanson (Swanee) keeps telling Around the Horn.

If you watched last night, the Home Run Derby was by all accounts, amazing. The Rangers’ Josh Hamilton didn’t get the memo that Yankee Stadium isn’t scheduled for demolition until this off season and started working on that last night, launching a total of 35 homers into the stands (this is an 8-mintue video) with several into the 3rd deck and one off Bank of America sign on the back wall of the stadium. Minnesota’s Justin Morneau edged him in the finals by a score of 5-3. The AL Central’s other entrant was impressive too, Cleveland’s Grady Sizemore didn’t make it out of the first round. Swanee was in charge of the AL Derby contestants and his other guy, Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria hit three.

7-15 HR Derby.JPGSwanee had good seats for the show, sitting behind Chicago’s Joe Crede. That’s Hamilton at the plate during his historic first round. He broke Bobby Abreu’s 2005 record of 24 first rounder shots, with 28 last night.

Around the Horn is curious if Swanee’s neck is okay from craning his neck to watch all the shots Hamilton and Morneau, both lefties, hit to right field (they combined for 57 bombs during the competition).

If you were curious, the longest homer in the Majors this season (according to Hit Tracker Online) is 485 feet by Adam Dunn just last week on July 10th. That is not an official measurement but the estimated true or actual distance the home run would have flown if it had traveled all the way back to the field level.

If you check that site out, you’ll notice that John Buck owns the longest home run by standard distance at 478 feet, which is the same as true distance but factors out wind, temperature and altitude. Buck’s April 9th shot is also second on Hit Tracker’s charts for speed off bat, which estimates his homer came off the bat at 121.6 mph.

7-15 Fox.jpgToday, Swanee has been all over New York. FOX was setting up and rolling out the red carpet for the parade.

7-15 Radio City.jpgThe All-Star parade ran right past Radio City Music Hall. Swanee didn’t say if he stop7-15 Ben Aken.jpgped to see a show.

He did see Royals Director of Community Relations Ben Aken who’s in New York helping with some of the All-Star games charity work. In this picture he’s standing off to the side of the Boys and Girls Club.


7-15 Brett.jpgAnd he saw former Cubs’ star Mark Grace interviewing a Hall of Famer you should all recognize. And since we were talking homers in Yankee Stadium, George Brett is a very fitting choice for Grace to talk to.

Brett hit 17 regular season and five postseason homers in the “House that Ruth Built” and holds a lifetime .311 average there.

Royals fans won’t forget the “Pine Tar” Game or his homer in the 1980 playoffs.

7-15 Soria.jpgAnd lastly, but definitely not least, Swanee saw the All-Star Joakim Soria with his wife, Karla.

Again today. Big thanks to Swanee and we here at Around the Horn who are still in Kansas City hope he’s having a great time in New York.

He’s on AL Clubhouse duty tonight for the game. You can be close to the action too without even being in the Big Apple. FOX will have complete coverage of the game tonight which starts at 7 p.m. CT.

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Bringing the Rain

7-8 Buck.jpgAfter 10 innings and two homers, the Royals secured the series finale in Tampa. They left the Rays only to find themselves staring down the White Sox, another first place team, back in Kansas City.

John Buck and Mike Aviles provided a little pop to seal the win late yesterday as the Royals return home after 3-5 trip. Tonight starts a six-game homestand at Kauffman, as we welcome the White Sox to town for the first time this season. The Mariners will also make their first visit this weekend before the team takes a break and Joakim Soria leaves for New York (Jose Guillen can join him, if you help).

It poured for a little while today, flooding both bullpens and making the field nice and soggy. But the grounds crew is still working on it and we expect to play baseball. To break down the week that was and will be,  let’s go Around the Horn…

7-8 USA 2.JPGFirst
Happy birthday John Buck. Buck should turn 28 everyday, with his three-run game winner in the 10th yesterday. Mike Aviles added some insurance directly after Buck and the Royals captured a three-run victory.

Buck also got to hang out with some of our troops before the game. The U.S. Military All-Stars were invited by the Rays to take batting practice at Tropicana Stadium. When the Boys in Blue saw them, they started chatting and some, like Buck and manager Trey Hillman became the Boys in Camo.

The USMAS shagged balls during the Royals batting practice and took several pictures with the team.
7-8 USA 1.JPGThe USMAS with some of the Royals.






7-8 USA 3.JPG

 First Base Coach Rusty Kuntz chatting with some of the USMAS team.



7-8 USA 5.JPGJose Guillen and Third Base Coach Luis Silverio.







7-8 Vote.jpgIf you haven’t yet, you should Vote for Jose. And Mike. And Jose again.

Joakim Soria is the Royals All-Star representative. But with Major League Baseball’s Final Vote, you can help Jose Guillen make his first All-Star appearance while representing Kansas City in the Big Apple.

Each league has five candidates up for the 32nd spot on the All-Star squad and fans have until Thursday afternoon to vote. There are two ways for fans to vote in the 2008 All-Star Game Final Vote — online now at, or on-the-go from their cell phones. Fans also can text the word “VOTE” to 36197 to have the All-Star Final Vote candidates sent to your phone. To vote for a specific player, simply reply with your choice. In Canada, fans should text the word “VOTE” to 88555. Standard rate text messaging rates apply — please check with your mobile carrier for details.

Guillen is also up for the June Clutch Performer of the Month presented by Pepsi. Mike Aviles is also up for the June MLB Rookie of the Month presented by Gillette.

Mark Grudzielanek is five hits shy of 2,000 which he should be able to accomplish this week, although he’s not in the lineup tonight. He has a .371 home batting average (3rd best in the American League) and has a .313 overall batting average (which is in the top 10 in the A.L.)…Mike Aviles broke out of a slump to go 3-for-5 yesterday, with his fourth homer of the season and 11th multi-hit game in only 30 career games…Notes from Trey Hillman’s pre-game press conference: Yesterday’s dramatic win takes some of the sting out of the road trip, after splitting with Baltimore and running into a the Rays who boast baseball’s best record…On Joakim Soria: He was excited about his All-Star recognition and applauded by his teammates; Hillman said he’s done some miraculous things in his short career and deserves the honor…Also of note: Mark Grudzielanek is still a little sore and his body needs another day so he will sit tonight which might prove to be an even better move depending on the field conditions after today’s downpour.

Remember this weekend is the “Hats off Weekend” with a hat giveaway each game. Also the Royals will be donating part of the ticket sales to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Friday night is the Royals cowboy hat giveaway sponsored by at&t and donations will go to the Red Cross. Saturday, it wouldn’t be Christmas in July without Santa hats sponsored by MLB 2K8 and ticket proceeds going to the Salvation Army. During both of these nights, Infield View Level tickets will be on sale for $12 with $5 going to that night’s selected organization to help with the severe weather relief efforts going on in the Midwest.

Finally Sunday is the “New. Blue. Tradition.” Royals visor. All giveaways are limited, so make sure we see you out at the K early.

Today’s Lineup:

DeJesus CF
Aviles SS
Gordon 3B
Guillen LF
Teahen RF
Butler DH
Gload 1B
Olivo C
German 2B

Davies P

Here’s today’s Official Game Notes.

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Buck's Bouncing Baby Boys…

Catcher John Buck, along with his wife Brooke, capped the Royals sweep over the Tigers Thursday by adding a couple more names to the Buck Family Lineup…

At 5:29 p.m. – just more than an hour after KC’s 8-4 win – Cooper Buck entered the world…and, at 5:31 p.m., Brody Buck joined the party! 

Yup, John and Brooke welcomed their twin boys to our extended Royals family – and mom, dad and babies are all doing great!

John, who didn’t start behind the plate Thursday as he awaited news from the doctor, actually left the game with a few innings remaining in order to reach Brooke at the hospital in time. In the end, he got to be there for the birth of his “boys in blue” while still being able to watch our Boys in Blue” take home another victory!

John will rejoin the team, which begins an 11-game road trip Friday, in a few days.

One fun fact that Buck learned: his boys share a birthday with Hall of Famer George Brett, who celebrated 55 years on May 15!

On behalf of the Royals family, congrats to the entire Buck family!


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