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Trey Hillman Media Session: April 9

Here’s what Royals manager Trey Hillman had to say before Friday’s game vs. Boston:

On Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke…
 “Zack put us on the map,” said Hillman. “He got the organization lots of attention and makes everyone in the organization proud. It was a spectacular year for Zack.”

On second baseman Chris Getz’s speed and future…
 “He’s a green light guy,” said Hillman. “He has a different gait. I was shocked at his running times because he just doesn’t look that fast. I knew when he came in that he was quick. Going 25-for-27 last year [in stolen bases] is pretty impressive. That was enough for me. I think eventually he’ll be a great leadoff or two-hole (hitter).”

On utilizing the bench…
 “I like to get the regulars into a flow,” said Hillman. “I think mixing too early sends a bad message. It would be easier to do if we were 3-0, but I have every intention of using the bench. We’ll get there as soon as we can, but not at the expense of getting the offense in a flow. We’ll see how we roll and make adjustments for the road trip if we need to.”

On pitcher Gil Meche’s Sunday start…
 “It’s official,” said Hillman. “There’ll have to be a roster move, but we’ll see. We still have a couple days to evaluate.”

Trey Hillman Media Session: April 7th

Although the Royals are just one game into the 2010 season, manager Trey Hillman is already facing questions about wins and losses.  When asked if he felt a sense of urgency coming into tonight’s game, Hillman replied, “There’s a sense of urgency for every game…a little more so having lost a game we should have won.”

Keeping this sense of urgency in mind, the Royals will sport a slightly different lineup for Wednesday night’s game–the main change being the replacement of Willie Bloomquist by Alberto Callaspo at third.

Despite Callaspo’s previous injury (sore right oblique), Hillman claims he is comfortable with Callaspo playing third or else he wouldn’t have made the decision to put him there. Hillman noted that Callaspo enters the game coming off three or four good days of practice.  Fans will be happy to see the Venezuela native’s stick back in the lineup after he hit .300 in 2009, just shy of Billy Butler, who led the club at .301.

Royals faithful will also be pleased to hear that Hillman plans on having Gil Meche for Sunday’s game against the Red Sox, although that announcement has not been made official.

September Birthdays

As a new month approaches, it is time to recap our September birthdays:

8-25 Teahen.jpgMark Teahen
celebrated his 28th birthday on September 6.  Mark’s an easy going guy who enjoys a laugh, so it’s no coincidence that he shares his day with comedian Jeff Foxworthy (51) and Saturday Night Live original Jane Curtin (62).

7-25 Meche.jpgGil Meche
turned 31 on September 8.  He’s three years older than Jonathan Taylor Thomas of Home Improvement fame.

9-16 Davies.jpg Kyle Davies has pitched well in the ninth month for the last two years.  It’s also his birthday month (26 on September 9).  Celebrities born on this day include actors Michael Keaton (58) and Adam Sandler (43).  The late Colonel Sanders was born on this day in 1890.

Hochevar July 4.jpgLuke Hochevar
, like Davies, turned 26 this month.  He shares his September 15 birthday with director Oliver Stone (63), actor Tommy Lee Jones (also 63), football Hall of Famer Dan Marino (48) and Britain’s Prince Harry (25).




Lenny DiNardo (30 on September 19) and Carlos Rosa (25 on September 21) received call-ups during the month.  DiNardo shares his day with Hall of Famer Duke Snider (83) and former pitcher Jim Abbott (42).  Rosa’s birthday is the same as Larry Hagman of Dallas (78), novelist Stephen King (62), comedic actor Bill Murray (59) and country singer Faith Hill (42).



Steve_Busby_S_0a001.jpgSteve Busby turned 60 yesterday (September 29).  The Royals Hall of Famer shares his birthday with former Today host Bryant Gumbel (61).  The late Gene Autry, “The Singing Cowboy” and former owner of the Angels baseball club, was born on this day in 1907.


Trey Hillman Media Session: September 10

Gil Meche

Royals starter Gil Meche has inflammation in his right shoulder possibly leading him to have made his last appearance of the 2009 season.  “We are going to continue to treat Gil as if he will pitch again this season, however it is quite possible he will not pitch again this year.  I am going to monitor how his throwing and catching sessions go and we will see how his body responds to the activity.  On a side note, Brian Bannister is going to New York to get a second opinion on his right shoulder, which is quite customary for injured athletes.  There is absolutely no timetable for Bannister’s return,” manager Trey Hillman stated.

What Can I do!

A reporter asked a wonderful question this afternoon, is there anything Hillman can do to try and improve his ace’s (Zack Greinke) chances of attaining the Cy Young Award this season?  “What a tremendous honor and accomplishment it would be for Zack, but this is still a team and I am not going to juggle my schedule to adhere to the possibilities of one individual.  If there is something in my power with regards to a line-up, etc, I might do something like that, but I am not going to rearrange our priorities for the possibility of one player winning a post season award.  No one is pulling for Zack more then me, I have a lot of pride and affection for him, but I don’t want to diminish anything we have done this season as a team or organization.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: September 5

Injuries Mounting

A list of injured Royals came out this afternoon during manager Trey Hillman’s dugout interview.  Royals starters Brian Bannister and Gil Meche are out due to sore right shoulders and each will miss at the very least their next scheduled starts, beyond that is yet to be determined at this point.  Taking their rotation spots will be LHP Bruce Chen and last night’s starter, Robinson Tejeda.  Outfielder Jose Guillen has been shut down for the rest of the season to allow him the optimum amount of time needed to recuperate and get healthy for spring training next season.  Reliever John Bale is out indefinitely and quite possibly for the rest of the season with a strained hamstring which he aggravated in last night’s game against the Angels.  Second basemen Alberto Callaspo injured his ankle in last night’s affair and is out of the line-up for tonight’s game.  Lastly, reliever Kyle Farnsworth tweaked his back, also in last night’s game, but is probable for the game tonight. 

Three New Royals

Well, with so many injured Royals pitchers, who is going to take their place?  Let me introduce you to new Royals pitchers, #31 LHP Dusty Hughes, #47 RHP Victor Marte, and #53 RHP Carlos Rosa, all of whom will be contributing in relief.  “They have good stuff, we are in need of pitching but that doesn’t diminish what they have done, they got here on their own merit.  We are going to work with them on their command, location, and being more efficient with not getting behind in the count as much.  This is an evaluation process for each one of them, we are excited to see what they can do at this level,” says Hillman.  For Hughes and Marte, this is their first time in the bigs.  Rosa was up for a brief stay last year.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: September 4

Who is in and who is out?

For the time being, Royals starters Gil Meche and Brian Bannister will be sidelined with sore right shoulders.  Both seem to be suffering from fatigue and tiredness, leaving their return to the starting rotation to be not far off, but undetermined at this point.  Taking Meche’s spot tonight in the rotation against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be reliever Robinson Tejeda (RHP, 1-1, 4.07).  Manager Trey Hillman thinks Tejeda should rise to the occasion tonight.  “We’ll see what he can do, if he maintains his stuff, is effective in his delivery, and efficient with his pitch counts it should be a favorable night for us.  There will be no pitch count for him tonight, we don’t want to put any more added pressure on him then there already is,” Hillman stated.

Hillman high on Moore

Hillman was asked about the vote of confidence he received from General Manager Dayton Moore these past couple of days with regards to him coming back as manager.  “It’s nice to have a boss believe in you as a person, he believes in my track record and my ability to get these guys ready to play baseball.  I came into this job knowing it would be challenging, I can’t control what other people do only what I can do for myself.  I take full responsibility and accountability for everything that goes on in that locker room and will continue to do the very best I can.  With Dayton signing a recent extension to his contract and my coming back next season, I look forward to the future of this organization.  This community and organization deserve stability, and I hope I can contribute to making that a reality.”


Back to School Drive a success

Back To School.JPGThank you Royals fans for donating during the fifth annual Back to School Drive last Thursday and Friday!  The school supplies will benefit the Primitivo Garcia Elementary School in Kansas City, Mo.  The K-7 neighborhood school is located in the heart of downtown.  Primitivo Garcia opened its doors in 1993 as a magnet school with an emphasis in world language.  It is now a comprehensive school that aims to develop life-long learners with a capacity for leadership and service, a quality demonstrated by the school’s namesake – Primitivo Garcia – who was shot and killed while trying to protect his teacher from violence in 1967.

Stacy Meche (second from left) and her husband Gil were the co-chairs of this year’s drive.  Pictured with Stacy from the left are Genevieve Bale, wife of John Bale; Betty Kaegel, Director of Community Outreach; and Monica Crespo, fiancée of Roman Colon.

Hillman Interview: Meche could be back on Thursday

Gil Meche

Royals manager Trey Hillman says if everything goes according to plan, look for Royals starter Gil Meche to make a scheduled start on Thursday in the third game of the three-game series in Minnesota (August 11-13).  “We’ll see how things go, but as of right now, we are looking at him going in that third game up in Minnesota.  He says he feels good, and we think he is ready to come back.  We will re-evaluate after the day off on Monday and see where he is.”

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon is not in the lineup today against the Oakland Athletics and, according to Hillman, after a night game that is not something we should be expecting.  “He’s not ready for that, his body isn’t capable of healing up as fast at the present moment.  It is going to be a while before Alex can play an entire three-game series and a day game after a night game.  He’s getting there, it’s just not in the cards right now, he’s doing everything possible but his body needs to rest.”

John Gibbons Media Session: August 4

Coming back home

Bench coach John Gibbons was asked to update the media on the how his manager and friend Trey Hillman is doing, and when we can expect him back.  “He is doing just fine, we are all behind him and look forward to him coming back tomorrow at some point.  I will be managing the game tonight against the Mariners,” Gibbons said.  The KC skipper had to unexpectedly fly home to Texas on Sunday after the game, for what has only been described as “an emergency back home”.  We hope all is well and send our best wishes to Trey and the entire Hillman family.

Meche in Memphis

Royals pitcher Gil Meche made a rehab start for Triple-A affiliate Omaha yesterday. Meche took the loss (0-1) in Memphis’ 5-2  win over the Royals, with what was reported as an up and down performance.  His numbers for the game:(3.2 IP, 0 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 2 SO, 0 HR). Meche was back in KC and with the club today prior to batting practice.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: July 26

Tony Pena Jr…the pitcher

Royals shortstop Tony Pena Jr. is in the process of attempting to become a Major League pitcher.  He is working with pitching coach Bob McClure to see if this conversion to pitcher is a realistic possibility.  “I have a sense he is in to it, I asked him and he said he is all for it.  I think he is young enough that if this does not work out, he still has the years to work on his primary position and work on becoming a better baseball player,” said Manager Trey Hillman.  “He has three pitches at the moment, a fastball, a slurve (slider/curveball), and a slight change-up.  Tony is going to be going through some bullpen sessions coming up and we are looking for him to get some action down in Arizona in the near future.”

Healing up

Royals pitcher Kyle Farnsworth had another promising bullpen session yesterday and is heading to Triple-A Affiliate Omaha to get some innings under him.  He will be pitching (1.0 IP) on Tuesday, resting on Wednesday, and is yet to be determined how much he will be used on Thursday.  Gil Meche threw another bullpen session yesterday, apparently it went fine, but he will be continuing his bullpen sessions when the team heads to Baltimore.  A timetable for Gil has not been established as of yet.



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