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Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 18

Does anyone actually like this weather?


Could some baseball players possibly like playing in this hot, sticky weather?  According to manager Trey Hillman, he’s got some players on his team that relish playing under these types of conditions.  “You bet man, Jose Guillen and the rest of the Latin players grew up playing in this kind of weather, they can’t wait for it every year,” said Hillman.  “There is a comfort level there for some of the guys, you like what you know, even if it is weather that feels like 120 degrees.” 


Hey, a little something for the effort


Hillman was raving about the new-found power in Jose Guillen’s legs allowing him to seemingly give more of an effort on the basepaths and in the field.  “He just seems to be playing harder, I don’t know what else to say, he looks like he is enjoying what he’s doing out there,” said Hillman.  Again, Trey said there is something to playing in warmer weather for most of the Latin guys.  Whatever the case, the manager is excited about the effort he is seeing from his starting right fielder.   


Coco Crisp


The Royals centerfielder is continuing to work on the lower half of his body, keeping in shape the only part of him that can move without obvious pain.  His upper body with his bum right shoulder is unable to do much of anything, making him incapable of throwing a ball, or swinging a bat.  “Another evaluation will be made in the near future, but at the moment and for the time being, we are shutting him down,” stated Hillman.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 14

Coco to the D.L.


Add Coco Crisp to the list of Royals players who are currently on the Disabled List.  The centerfielder went on the 15-day Disabled List today with a sore shoulder.  Manager Trey Hillman said, “We are going to keep him out until that shoulder fully heals, he can take as much time as he needs.”  In his place on the active roster will be Tug Hulett.  “He’s a good ballplayer, he can be very versatile for us,” said Hillman. 




John Buck has been up and throwing in the last couple of days, but that is about the extent to which he can participate in activities.  His back is quite sore and is need of constant and consistent rest.  Mike Aviles is still resting his elbow, and Sidney Ponson had another encouraging bullpen session. 

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 13

Coming along Callaspo


Manager Trey Hillman is very impressed with the seemingly natural progression of his second basemen Alberto Callaspo.  “I am very pleased with his improvements this season, both at the plate and in the field,” said Hillman.  He stated, “Laterally I think there is room for improvement and I would like him to slow down on double play possibilities, otherwise I am very happy with his fielding.”  Hillman was asked about his home run capabilities in the future, “He is a doubles guy, if he starts thinking otherwise he won’t get that barrel where it needs to be and corrections will have to be made.  I like the Alberto we have,” said Hillman.


Prophet Hillman          


Hillman was asked what he thought baseball would look like in ten to fifteen years.  Hillman said, “You can pretty much expect to see more and more athletes on the field, who carry skills pertaining to agility, speed, and smarts. I think it will resemble the game of the past, with the emphasis put more on the finer points of the game, and not so much on the home run and how bulky can a guy get.”   


One tough Crisp


Royals centerfielder Coco Crisp has been injured for a while now, but you wouldn’t know it if you asked him.  Hillman says, “Crisp has quite the pain threshold, and is stubborn to a fault in dealing with his pain and playing. I thought the six days off would be enough, but his shoulder just isn’t healing up like we thought, the DL is not out of the question at this point.”

Soria, Pena return; Ponson to D.L.; Raines inks minor league deal

9-18 Soria.jpgThe Royals have had a few roster moves since Sunday’s game.  Yesterday, outfielder Coco Crisp was placed on the bereavement list by the Commissioner’s Office. 

Today, the Royals place right-handed pitcher Sidney Ponson on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to May 30 with a right elbow strain.  Closer Joakim Soria and shortstop Tony Pena, Jr. were activated from the disabled list and will be available for tonight’s game at Tampa Bay.

In other news, the Royals have signed Tim Raines, Jr. to a minor league contract.  The 29-year old Raines batted .311 with 18 home runs and 78 RBI for Tucson in the PCL last season.  He played for Baltimore in 2001, 2003 and 2004.  Tim Jr. played alongside his dad, seven-time All-Star Tim Sr., in 2001 for the Orioles.  The younger Raines has been assigned to Triple-A Omaha.

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: May 29

Could have been better

Manager Trey Hillman was still feeling the sting from his one-game suspension, which he served during Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Tigers.  “I am still a little ticked off, I have a real problem with a game or games being taken away from me,” Hillman said.  He also went on to say he was not a big fan of having his own personal off day, “I absolutely did not enjoy being away from the guys, I did not like my day off,” Trey stated.  He went on to say that he spoke to the appropriate people in charge of his situation, but to this day does not understand how his suspension came to be so, and that he wished he “had his day in court”. 

Behind the Scenes at the “K”

A Royals Insider reporter asked Hillman, “What do we need to know about the amazing front office staff that assists him everyday with his daily routines and schedules?”

  “Well, when you have people like Mike (Mike Swanson, Vice President of Communications and Broadcasting) and Dave (Dave Holtzman, Director of Media Relations) it can get real easy around here,” Hillman said.  “The things that I struggle with in my day-to-day operations are made amazingly simple with the help of the front office staff that they have in place, I enjoy being around these people, if I didn’t, it would get real weird around here,” Trey said.  “You have to have a tremendous amount of trust with the individuals you work with everyday, and we have that here, on the field and in the front office,” Trey exclaimed.  Hillman finished by saying, “You have to like being around the same people everyday, and I can genuinely say, I like being around the staff they have assembled here.”  Keep an eye out for a future episode of Royals Insider which features this piece.


Coco Crisp continues to be day-to-day, and is not in the line-up tonight against the Chicago White Sox.  Joakim Soria had terrific velocity Wednesday in his rehab stint down in Arizona, however location was somewhat of a problem for Soria.  He will be monitored and is on schedule to pitch tomorrow with a pitch count not exceeding 25 pitches. 

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: May 27

About the suspension


Major League Baseball handed down a one game suspension this morning to Royals manager Trey Hillman for today’s game against the Tigers.  He is suspended for his brief confrontation with an umpire during Monday’s game against Detroit.  Unlike the players, a coach or manager has no option to appeal.  Hillman said, “I am shocked at the suspension, and that I was notified by e-mail five hours prior to today’s game.” He then stated, “I respect the rules of the game as well as authority, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Why he might be a little upset could be because he was told that the suspension was delivered because spit had made it from Trey’s mouth into the eye of the umpire involved.  “If they think I spit on the umpire on purpose, I am highly offended by that accusation,” Hillman said.  For today’s game Hillman will be unable to suit up, be around the clubhouse or the dugout.  He is however allowed to sit in another area of the stadium.




Coco Crisp will be sitting out today’s game, and along with the off day tomorrow that should give his shoulder some time to heal.  Look for him to be ready to go against the White Sox on Friday.  Joakim Soria is on schedule to pitch today in a live game in Arizona.  As reported prior, he has a pitch limit that may not exceed 15 pitches, so look for an inning or less from Soria today.  

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

Home Cooking

Manager Trey Hillman said he was very excited to come home after the recent road trip, and it wasn’t just because the team went winless in California.  “We’re excited about the community involvement here, we feed off it, it takes us to another level at times,” says Hillman.  He went on to say that there is a calm about being at home, the players feel it and it translates onto the field.  Hillman said usually less mental errors and mistakes are made when you feel more at ease with your surroundings.

Coco’s Experience

Invaluable was the word used by Trey to describe the impact Coco Crisp has on his team.  “His experience in Major League Baseball is vital, it balances out some of our players here and to a degree brings a sense of calmness to the club,” says Hillman.  “He’s a professional, who works hard, plays hard, and that is the kind of role model you want on your team, to inspire and to teach others.”

How is Soria?

Joakim Soria has yet to begin throwing, which means the team is unable to evaluate his progress or lack thereof.  Manager Hillman says there is no timetable as of yet and that the team is just trying to get Soria involved in extracurricular activities until he is capable of consistently rehabbing his current right shoulder injury.


Reliever John Bale is consistently hitting 86-89 mph on back-to-back days, with continued improvement in velocity daily on his rehab assignment.  Doug Waechter had a setback in a rehab appearance as his oblique muscle is now giving Doug discomfort.  Hillman says he has nothing in store for the game tonight with regards to it being “ladies night”.  He said, “I guarantee no one paid to watch me manage tonight.”

Coco Crisp to chat on Tuesday

Coco 2.22.jpgRoyals outfielder Coco Crisp will chat on tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. Central.  Here’s your chance to ask Coco about his impressions of Kansas City, his new team, and his Twitter page.

The chat is free, but you do need to sign up at

Jackie Robinson Day – A salute to 42

Jackie Robinson Day 3.JPGMajor League Baseball paid homage to Jackie Robinson on Wednesday as all uniformed personnel wore number 42. The day took on extra meaning in Kansas City, where Robinson played for the Negro League’s Monarchs in 1945.  Former 20-game winner Mudcat Grant was on hand in the Buck O’Neill Legacy Seat. Here’s a look at the special day, which included this monster home run by Mike Jacobs.

Jackie Robinson Day 2.JPG








Mudcat Grant.JPG




Ponson - Jackie Robinson Day.JPG





Jacobs - Jackie Robinson Day.jpg







Coco - Jackie Robinson Day.JPG

"Coco, take one" – A look inside CrownVision features

We’ve had the following experience, and we’re guessing you have, too. You’re watching a game at the K, and the third out is made. Maybe you need to leave your seat for the concession stand, or you plan to make a phone call…but you put it on hold because you know that something cool is going to be on the video board between innings.

The Royals event presentation team has produced awesome video features for years. Now, with the high-definition CrownVision, they have taken the in-game experience to a new level! The features take countless hours to produce and edit. Today we’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at some of this work. The event presentation team, together with staff from DXD, a Kansas City-based animation and motion graphic company, visited Spring Training last week. They were in Surprise, Ariz.,  to gather video footage for the 2009 features. They do this during the early days of Spring Training, before the games start, so as to maximize the time they have. We thank all of the players and staff who went beyond (and sometimes way beyond) their busy baseball schedule to help make features for the upcoming season that you, the fan, will enjoy all season long. Let’s take a look:

We start in the manager’s office, where in-game host Tim Scott is interviewing Trey Hillman. Tim and Trey are all laughs while being filmed by Ben Mertens, Manager of Event Presentation & Production.Interviewing Trey (2).jpgInterviewing Trey (1).jpg



Reviewing Footage (3).jpgMertens, and Chris DeRuyscher, Director of Event Presentation and Production, review the footage of Trey before moving on to their next stop.




 Communication is key in this business! Senior Director of Event Presentation & Production Don Costante reviews scripts with in-game host Tim Scott. Meanwhile, Chris works closely with the DXD staff members to ensure that both groups are on the same page (literally).

Don and Tim.jpgReviewing timeline.jpg

Getting Ready.jpg


At left, we see Ben helping Coco Crisp with his props for one of the features. Notice the background — our production team uses a green screen backdrop, much like your favorite weather forecaster. They can then color key or mix a second image in the background to create a cool multi-dimensional look.

Coco is ready to go…here he talks with Costante about the upcoming scene.


Each time a Royals player comes up to bat, they have a short video introduction on CrownVision. Here’s Coco with a bat, working on his new intro.

Coco Swing.jpg

Santa Crisp.jpgWhat’s this? Santa Crisp? Our team has outfitted Coco with a Royals Santa hat, which was given out last July on a memorable night that included Mark Grudzielanek’s 2,000th hit and a walk-off home run by David DeJesus. We’re very curious to see how this Santa scene fits into the 2009 event presentation lineup! You can find out, too…check out our 2009 ticketing options today!

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