Ned Yost media session: July 30, 2014

Ned Yost’s pregame meeting with the media centered most around plate discipline and his thoughts on his team’s approach at the plate. Yost said that while players have played their entire careers up to this point a certain way that doesn’t mean they stop trying to improve in all areas including discipline.

“I saw it with Prince Fielder when he went to the next level. I saw it with Barry Bonds. You know it’s like if you’re not going to throw a strike I’m not swinging the bat but when you do I’m going to do damage. It’s part of becoming a veteran hitter and a learning how to be a better hitter. The more disciplined you are the better off you’re going to be.”

Meanwhile the lack of run support continues for tonight’s starter, Danny Duffy. Despite the worst run support of any pitcher in baseball that has thrown at least 90.0 innings this year, Duffy continues to post solid numbers.

“Danny doesn’t worry about run support he just goes out and pitches,” Yost said. “It’s maturity I think. He’s learned how to harness his emotions to his benefit and he just goes out and does his job. Once you step onto the field that’s all you can do is do your job.”

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