Ned Yost media session: June 11, 2014

With an off-day awaiting Kansas City before it begins a a six-game road swing through Chicago and Detroit, manager Ned Yost will take an opportunity to rest centerfielder Lorenzo Cain for multiple days.

“We gave Nori [Aoki] two days, we want to give Cain two days with the off-day tomorrow,” said Yost. “It’s good to pick your spots like that, especially when you’ve got a late night game and then coming back early the next day.”

Yordano Ventura will be on the bump for the Royals as they look to sweep the two-game set with Cleveland this afternoon, and Yost says his hard throwing right-hander will not have a leash.

“There’s never a [pitch] limit,” said Yost. “I’d take him to 110 [pitches]. That’s his limit.”

Several players have battled through early season swoons at the plate for Kansas City, but, if the past couple of weeks – and, more specifically, last night – are any indication, the offense appears to be well on its way to restoration. Yost spoke on the inherent advantages with winning the battle versus adversity.

“You want guys to have adversity, you want guys to battle through adversity, because that’s how you learn and that’s how you become stronger and better,” said Yost. “It’s painful when you go through it, but it can be a great teaching tool, and it can be a great experience tool to make you better when you go through adversity.”

According to Yost, the key to riding out the storm is a player’s belief in himself, a manager’s belief in his players.

“It always wears on them a little bit,” he said. “They all come into the year with expectations and goals and they know in their mind what they’re capable of doing. And when it doesn’t happen for them it wears on them a little bit. But they’ve got experience knowing that the exact same thing happened last year and at the end of the year, their home run totals were up. So they know that they’re capable of doing it.

“You’ve got to have faith in your players. If you don’t have faith in your players then you’re in trouble. But when you have faith in the players and you know in your mind what they’re capable of doing, it makes it easier to stay patient and keep the waters as calm as you can when everyone else wants to make them choppy.”

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The Royals need to pick up their offensive performance, which is currently in the bottom third in all of MLB.

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