Ned Yost media session: May 15, 2014

With Yordano Ventura set to make his eighth start of the season for the Royals this evening, the one constant amongst everyone associated with the club has been the increasing difficulty with tempering expectations for the the 22-year-old Dominican.

“I don’t know if it’s fair, but I think we all share the same expectations,” said manager Ned Yost. “When I pencil his name into the starting lineup, I feel like he’s going to go out and pitch a great game, keep us in the ball game, and put in a position to win.”

That confidence, the seemingly ever-increasing supposition with regard to Ventura’s ability to put Kansas City in the win column, is a feeling created by the right-hander, himself. Ventura was among Major League Baseball’s best during the month of April, and currently ranks among American League leaders in ERA and WHIP, as well as hits and strikeouts per nine innings pitched.

For those in search of defense, Kauffman Stadium may be the place to be over the next four days. When asked about Baltimore’s defensive aptitude, Yost said that the Orioles and Royals very well could be the two best defensive teams in the league.

“The same thing impresses me (about Baltimore’s defense) that impresses me about ours,” he said. “Their athleticism, the way that they cover ground, their consistency fielding the ball. (Manny) Machado is one of the great defenders in the American League. J.J. Hardy is solid as a rock out there. Their outfield is athletic and can run and cover ground.”

By Kolby Paxton

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