Ned Yost media session: September 20, 2013

The Royals open a huge series with Texas Rangers tonight.
The Rangers are similar to the Royals in the fact they like have runners on the move on the base paths. They come in second in the A.L. in steals with 132 trailing only the Royals who have 147.

Before the game manager Ned Yost met with the media to discuss tonight’s game. He was asked if Texas’ running game will offer a challenge to the KC’s pitchers and catchers.

“Not really. They are a team that runs more than most of the teams we face but with Salvy behind the plate we feel it gives us advantage in situations like that.” Yost added, “He makes you really think twice about when you are going to pick your spots and run. Again, a lot of it is predicated on the pitcher and how fast he can deliver the ball to Salvy.”

The last time the Royals and Rangers met was in early June in Texas. At that same time, Pedro Grifol became the team’s hitting coach. The Royals skipper was asked what his hitting coach has brought to the club.

“He is extremely organized and on top of everything. He pays strict attention to detail. He has an answer for every question the players have, whether that be about opposing pitchers or splits. He is very honest the guys, which is great trait. Quite frankly he does what a good coach does, he gets the best out of them,” said Yost.

By Kent Klooster

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