Ned Yost media session: September 8, 2013

Royals manager Ned Yost met with the media prior to today’s series finale with the Detroit Tigers.  Yost first discussed the return of outfielder Lorenzo Cain to the starting lineup, and what he means to the ball club.  “He really improves our defense when he’s out there.  With him and (Jarrod) Dyson and Alex Gordon in the outfield it’s as good of an outfield defense alignment that you could ask for in my opinion.   Once he gets hot he can really drive the ball.  I thought he had some good swings, we’ve got to start working him back in there sooner or later and we decided sooner.”

Yost then talked of the increased confidence that club has had this season, and how it has added to their on-field success.  “The difference between the Kansas City Royals that we have now and the teams that we’ve had in the past is number one, we’re much more talented, but now we’re much more talented.  I think every one of our guys walks through the clubhouse door every day expecting to win a baseball game.  That really started to take place after the All Star break.”

Yost concluded by commenting on the role the stellar pitching staff has had on generating greater confidence throughout the club.  “Part of the reason we have confidence is that we have (Ervin) Santana, we have James Shields, and we have Jeremy Guthrie.  Our pitching is so much improved that our team feels like we’re going to get a well-pitched game, we’re going to go out and play good defense and score enough runs to win.  It’s the trust that everyone has in our pitching that gives them confidence.”

The Royals and Tigers wrap up the series today, with the Royals holding an 8-7 advantage.  Kansas City begins a road trip tomorrow at Cleveland, with a weekend set in Detroit.

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