Ned Yost media session: September 4, 2013

Last night Eric Hosmer tied a career-high with three walks. Ned Yost was asked at his daily press conference if his first baseman is getting more walks because teams are pitching around him more or if Hosmer is seeing the ball better. “He is just so locked in. It goes back to seeing the ball really well. When you have as much confidence as he has right now stepping into the box, you don’t feel the pressure to swing at everything they throw up there,” said Yost.

With Hosmer locked in right now the skipper was then asked if there is a next step for Eric. “It is consistency. Really it is consistency for all of them. Some of them need to stay more focused and others need to stay back on the changeups. It is all part of learning to become a consistent offensive performer. Experience does that. The more you play the better you get at it,” said Yost.

Taijuan Walker is making his second career start for the Mariners tonight. The Royals skipper was asked about the young, talented and hyped pitcher that will take the hill. “He is the fifth best pitching prospect in baseball. They say if you are going to compare him to anyone he is like a young Dwight Gooden. He has a good fastball and he throws strikes. He has really good stuff.  We will see tonight.”

By Kent Klooster

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