Ned Yost media session: August 22, 2013

The Royals are looking to prevent the sweep in tonight’s series finale vs. the White Sox. During the club’s current four-game losing streak they have averaged just 2.5 runs per game. In response, Royals manager Ned Yost has done some reshuffling to the batting order, and provided the reasons during his press conference this afternoon.

“Just trying something different. We’ve been struggling a little bit offensively, and everyone once in a while this might work. Get some things changed, putting Alex (Gordon) back in the one spot, Sal (Perez) in the three and Billy (Butler) in the four; just trying to get our offense going. Every once in a while they need something to get them going, just a change of something to get them going. Helps to get them refocused on what they’re trying to accomplish every time they step in that batter’s box. We’re hoping to get those guys back on track to help us get back on track.”

Yost then discussed the team’s “streaky” nature this season, and how when the club gets stuck in a rut it is often hard to bring every player back out at the same time. The skipper stated, “When we go through these streaks we do it as a team. It’s not one or two or three guys, we struggle as a team to score runs. A lot of times it just takes that one big hit for everybody to relax and start performing and moving forward.”

The Royals conclude the Chicago series this evening, and open a three-game set against Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals tomorrow.

By Henry Wear

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