Ned Yost media session: August 20, 2013

The Royals have been dealing with key injuries over the past few weeks.  Two of those injuries have been to Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain.  Ned Yost was asked about the outfielder and third baseman at this afternoon’s press conference.  “Moustakas will play tomorrow. We will give him some days off against tough lefties to get healed up. Then we can use him late in the game or pinch-hit with him. He is a valuable part of our team and he has been swinging the bat really well. This leg injury effects his speed a little bit.  It doesn’t really affect him at third base but we want to get it healed. We are going to try to take every opportunity to get him a break when we possibly can.” The skipper went on to talk about the progress of Lorenzo Cain. “He is getting better but still isn’t doing any baseball activities. He is doing strength and conditioning but no swinging the bat or throwing. He is a bit of a ways away.”

With 39 games left on the schedule the Royals know that every game is important. The next five series are against teams currently under .500 (not counting the makeup game vs. Tampa Bay).  Yost was asked if his club has to show what they are made of in those contests more so than the others. “No. This team over here (White Sox) has won nine of last 14 games and three in a row. We have zero easy games left. You can claim they are under .500 all you want. On any given day that doesn’t make any difference. You have to come out and play good baseball every day. You have to stay focused and you can’t let your guard drop until the last pitch is thrown. If you do, you are going to be in trouble,” said the manager.

By Kent Klooster

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