Ned Yost media session: August 13, 2013

During last night’s victory the Royals had a scare when Mike Moustakas left the game in the fifth inning.  His calf tightened up on him while rounding second base on Justin Maxwell’s RBI triple. Today at Ned Yost’s daily press conference he was asked about the status of his young third baseman. “He has a grade one strain. He feels a little better. It is going to be a day-to-day thing. He looked better walking in here today than he looked walking out of here last night. He had a pretty pronounced limp when he left last night, which made me worry a bit but came in today just barely limping. We will evaluate it day-to-day,” said Yost.

Without Salvador Perez in the lineup, who is just getting a day off, and with Moustakas out nursing a sore calf the skipper inserted David Lough in the five hole. The manager was asked about the decision.  Ned had this to say, “We are just looking for some balance. We are always looking for balance. If we batted Lough in the leadoff position we didn’t really have anyone who could fill the number five spot.”

With the Royals winning 18 of 23 since the All-Star break, the fans are getting excited about this team and potential playoff possibilities. Ned was asked if he has noticed a change in the energy around the stands and in the city. “The excitement level is great. The fans have great anticipation when they walk through the gates every day. I think we all sense the fans are excited about the way we were playing.” Yost went on to joke, “I don’t have near as many fans scream at me back behind the dugout since we have been playing well, which is a nice thing.”

By Kent Klooster

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