Ned Yost media session: August 9, 2013

Kansas City skipper Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon prior to the club’s matchup with the Red Sox.  Yost first discussed the transition of Lorenzo Cain into the leadoff spot of the order.  “He’s got the right attitude, you leadoff one time and that’s what it means, but you also get the most at-bats of the game.  The way that he’s been swinging the bat lately it just makes sense.”  Cain is not in the lineup tonight – David Lough is batting leadoff.

Yost then commented on the club’s ability to continue to be successful defensively and offensively without injured catcher Salvador Perez.  “They’ve done a great job they really have, and that’s always your fear because he’s a big part of our club.   They’ve done a great job of holding it down since Salvy went out.”

Yost concluded by talking of the team’s transition to success throughout the year.

“It makes me feel really good to watch them have fun, to be relaxed and go out and play with the energy that they’re playing and confidence that they’re playing with right now.  It just always felt that they were going to get it together.  There would come a point this season where everything would click for them.  We did so well pitching wise and defensively in the first part of the year, and were really inconsistent offensively, but you knew with the group of hitters that as soon as Hos got confidence and as soon as Moose got his confidence that would change the dynamic of our club offensively.  Bringing up David Lough with the offense that he’s produced has been key, Lorenzo Cain swinging the bat better, Escobar swinging the bat better, it was just a matter of time, at least in my mind, that they would come together as an offensive unit and then things would really start clicking.”

Injured catcher Salvador Perez continues to make progress in his recovery from a concussion, and will begin more extensive running and exercise work today.  Yost commented that if all goes well it would not be an impossibility to see Perez make his return to the lineup on Sunday’s series finale with Boston.

The Royals and Sox meet for the fifth time this season with Kansas City holding the season series lead 3-1.

By Henry Wear

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