Ned Yost media session: August 7, 2013

Kansas City skipper Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon prior to the series finale with the Minnesota Twins.  Yost first addressed the expectation for starting pitcher Danny Duffy as he makes his season debut after returning from “Tommy John” surgery.  “If he can get us through five innings in the game we’ll be in good shape.  It’s tough when you’re a young kid and you’ve got a lot of excitement.  You’re excited about being back and you’re excited about pitching in the Major Leagues again and we’ll see how he does.”

Yost then discussed the relationship between Duffy and recently promoted catcher Brett Hayes, and how their familiarity will help Duffy ease in to his first start.  “They know each other, they’ve had a history with each other this year.  Brett knows what to look for, he knows when he (Duffy) is getting a little too excited and to calm him down, and he knows when to pump him up.  He knows the quality of his pitches because he’s used to him so it just works out.”

Yost concluded by talking about the progress of injured catcher Salvador Perez as he looks to recover from a mild concussion.  “He’s doing better.  Came in today symptom free, no headaches, so we’re going to institute a real light exercise program for him.  If he can get passed that then we’ll start moving forward.  This is where you start to run in to problems, where start to feel good, but after you exercise it brings it all back.  So you exercise in steps, so he’ll get through the first one today and see where he’s at, but everything is moving in a positive direction.”

The Royals conclude the series with the Twins tonight and open up a four-game set with the Red Sox tomorrow.

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