Ned Yost media session: July 24, 2013

Alex Gordon is a main stay in the Royals lineup, having played in 94 of the Royals 97 games this season. He is not in the lineup tonight against the Orioles.  Ned Yost was asked today at his daily media session why his All-Star left fielder is out of the lineup.  This is what the manager had to say, “It is a day off. We all had a four-day All-Star break, Alex had one day. By the time you fly and do all the stuff on Monday and Tuesday and fly your family back the following day (the day after the All-Star Game) you don’t get any rest. We have two off-days in the next 50 so I have to find spots to give Alex a break and I have to find spots to give Sal (Perez) a break.”

With the two-time Gold Glove winner not in the lineup the skipper inserted Lorenzo Cain at the top of the order. Yost was asked why he chose to go with Cain at leadoff. “We looked at a bunch of different things. Lorenzo is hitting .313 when leading off an inning with 70 at-bats. That is kind of why we put him there,” said Yost.

By Kent Klooster

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