Ned Yost media session: July 23, 2013

Kansas City skipper Ned Yost met with the media prior to this evening’s game with the Baltimore Orioles.  Yost first addressed questions following Wade Davis’ outing yesterday and what Davis can improve upon.  “We think there are some things we can do.  One: he had not pitched in 11 days, two we think there are some things that we can do to improve his game.  His stuff was as good as it’s been all year long, it was just command.  We’re going to try a couple of things and see if we can make it better.  He needs to get it going, we need to get him going and being productive.”

Yost then stated the need for increased urgency by the club as they enter the final two months of the season.  “It’s time for us to get consistent and start winning baseball games, we’re almost at the 100 game mark, and it’s time to win some games.  We want to try and find some consistency in our offense, consistency in our pitching and put together a run.”

Yost concluded by discussing what he liked from the approach of Bruce Chen in his last start, and what he would like to see in this evening’s start.  “I liked everything about his start.  He threw strikes, he changed speeds, he moved the ball up, he moved the ball down, he moved the ball in, and he moved the ball out.  Commanded the ball very well, and got us through six innings with no runs.”

The Royals and the Orioles meet tonight for the second game of their current four-game set.

by Henry Wear

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