Ned Yost media session: Independence Day, 2013

Kansas City skipper Ned Yost addressed the media this morning prior to the series finale with Cleveland. Yost first answered the pressing questions of the health status of left fielder Alex Gordon, following his collision with the outfield wall in last night’s game. “He feels a little better today, still real sore on his hip. He seems to be doing okay today. You know I’ve seen concussions end careers so we want to make sure he’s fully recovered from that and the hip bruise is pretty extensive as well.”

Yost then discussed the resurgence of first baseman Eric Hosmer, and what his presence means to the Royals lineup. “We’ve been talking about getting Hos back all year long and the importance of that to our baseball team. It’s been evident here the last three weeks what he’s capable of doing. Offensively we believe he’s a huge threat in our lineup, and has the opportunity to be a tremendous run producer for us. It was just getting him back on track, and George and Pedro have done a great job of getting him freed up, and getting him back in to a position where he can drive the ball.”

Yost concluded by talking about the unique opportunity the Royals have in playing a day game on the Fourth of July holiday. “It gives everybody a chance to come out and enjoy a great game during the day, and then go spend the evening watching fireworks. They got to see them on the Fourth of July this morning and they’ll get to see them again tonight. I personally like a Fourth of July day game, it makes for a more eventful day.”

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