June 2013

Ned Yost media session: June 10, 2013

Kansas City manager Ned Yost addressed the media this afternoon prior to the first of a three-game set with the Detroit Tigers.  Yost first answered questions on the importance of the upcoming series and its relation to the season.  “Every division series is important,” Yost stated.  “Every time you play within your division it is important, but you don’t assign greater levels of importance to these games.  Our goal is to win every single game, and we’re going to try and continue that.”  Yost then discussed the upcoming matchups with the Tigers’ starting pitchers, “Scherzer has been great all year, Verlander is as good as there is, and Fister is always good.”

Yost then went on to address if there was any increased confidence from the club’s recent five-game win streak. “Absolutely you always feel better when you’re producing and when you’re winning baseball games.  You see more confidence in their at bats, more confidence during the game that they’re going to find a way to make it happen.”

Yost then discussed how tonight’s starter, Jeremy Guthrie, goes about limiting damage to the powerful Tigers lineup.  “Same way he’s done it all year long, by continuing to make quality pitches in tough situations.  You don’t ever give in, this is an offense that can put runs up in a hurry, you have to focus on continuing to make quality pitches.”

Yost concluded by talking about the deserved All-Star consideration that catcher Salvador Perez is beginning to garner. “I think he absolutely should be, of course my opinion is always going to be prejudiced, I think he’s the best defensive catcher in the A.L.  He’s hitting .320 right now and he’s always been an offensive producer since he’s got here, and he’s a team leader.  I think his performance this year is very much warranting All-Star consideration.”

Royals Game Preview: June 10 vs. Detroit

The Royals returned to third place yesterday with a fifth straight win and two losses by Minnesota.  KC kicks off a big A.L. Central series vs. Detroit tonight.  It is Hy-Vee Value Monday at Kauffman Stadium!  Tickets start at $7.

Tigers lineup:  Dirks – LF, Hunter – RF, Cabrera – 3B, Fielder – 1B, Martinez – DH, Peralta – SS, Avila – C, Infante – 2B, Garcia – CF, Fister – RHP

Royals lineup:  Gordon – LF, Hosmer – 1B, Perez, C, Butler – DH, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Lough – RF, Getz – 2B, Escobar – SS, Guthrie – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_61_vs._Detroit

Royals Trivia Fact:  Tonight’s starter, Jeremy Guthrie, is 5-0 vs. the A.L. Central in 2013.



Ned Yost media session: June 9, 2013

Royals skipper Ned Yost addressed the media prior to today’s series finale with the Houston Astros.  Yost first discussed the today’s lineup that gave both Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain a day off.  “We plan a couple days in advance.  We try to pick a good day for them to have off, Escobar has played almost every game and we try to give Cain a day off every seven to ten games to let him get his legs under him.  Detroit’s coming in tomorrow and that is a big series and with the day-game turnaround today we made the decision a couple days ago.”

Yost then commented on the recent improved performance of first baseman Eric Hosmer.  “He’s improving tremendously…you know when he gets up over .300…over the rest of the season it will be because he can pull the ball more efficiently.  That’s the key he has tremendous power to the pull side, he’s got very very good power to the opposite field, but he hasn’t utilized his pull power.  He’s starting to get his swing freed up and starting to get the bat head back out, and when he’s able to pull the pull the ball with a little more frequency that’s when he’s going to be back to being the player I think he can be.”

Yost concluded the conference by discussing the play of closer Greg Holland.  “He’s throwing the ball great, I feel every time we get to the ninth inning I feel really really good about it.  You know that’s your focus once the game starts is how do I get a lead to Greg Holland.  We’ve got a lot of confidence in Greg and he’s throwing the ball really well right now.”

Royals Game Preview: KC looks for the sweep vs. Houston

The Royals host Houston today at 1:10 – load up the car and come on out to The K!

Here’s a look at the lineups:

Astros lineup:  Altuve – 2B, Castro – DH, Corporan – C, Pena – 1B, Martinez – RF, Carter – LF, Crowe – CF, Dominguez – 3B, Cedeno – SS, Harrell – RHP

Royals lineup:  Gordon – LF, Hosmer – 1B, Perez – C, Butler – DH, Moustakas – 3B, Lough – CF, Francoeur – RF, Johnson – SS, Getz – 2B, Mendoza – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_60_vs._Houston

Royals Trivia Fact:  KC tied a season-long four game winning streak last night (third time, last on April 30 – May 5).  The Royals look to set a new high today!

Ned Yost media session: June 8, 2013

Kansas City manager Ned Yost addressed the media this afternoon prior to the second game of their series with the Astros.  Yost first discussed the recent offensive turnaround, and how the team has been effective.  “Guys are starting to do their job and we’re starting to get timely hits.  If we would’ve gotten timely hits in May we wouldn’t still be talking about May.”

Yost then talked about the presence of Hall of Famer George Brett and his role as the Royals hitting coach.  He specifically addressed what it is that has made Brett so successful early on in his new role with the club.  “Everybody has to be able to relate, you teach what you know, but you have to be able to relate to who you’re teaching, so that you can get their attention, get their respect, and get them to act.  These kids all knew George’s life before he came here, and they know how much it means that George took time out of his retirement to come and work every day with them.  They all know that and appreciate that, and they love his approach.  Before George came on board everything was a mechanical fix, but George has not thrusted that down their throats. It’s been more about slowing the game down and freeing up their swing.  What it feels like for a good swing and what it feels like for a bad swing.”

Yost concluded the media conference by commenting on the value that veteran infielder Miguel Tejada has brought to the club.  “It’s consistency in his approach and his consistency in his work ethic, playing or not playing, he goes about it the exact the same way every day.  He’s always prepared, he keeps himself in great shape and his experience is huge in this case.”  Yost finally commented that Tejada’s veteran leadership in the clubhouse has also been very beneficial.

Royals Game Preview: June 8 vs. Houston (FOX Network)

Retro Powder Blue Jersey_June 8KC won a third straight last night.  The homestand continues at 6:15 with Retro Night!  The first 10,000 fans will receive this retro powder blue jersey!

The game that will air regionally on the FOX Network (WDAF FOX 4 in Kansas City).  Please check your local listings for the game in your area. 

Astros lineup:  Barnes – CF, Altuve – 2B, Castro – C, Martinez – LF, Pena – DH, Carter – 1B, Crowe – RF, Dominguez – 3B, Gonzalez – SS, Bedard – LHP

Royals lineup:  Lough – LF, Escobar – SS, Perez – C, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Tejada – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Johnson – 2B, Santana – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_59_vs._Houston


2013 Royals Yearbook – Available Now!

Be sure to get your copy of the 2013 Royals Yearbook, which is available at Kauffman Stadium and on royals.com ( http://kansascity.royals.mlb.com/kc/fan_forum/publications.jsp )  Here is a look at the cover!



Royals Game Preview: The newest A.L. team visits KC

The Royals host Houston tonight in the first of three.  Let’s take a look at the lineups for tonight’s 7:10 start:

Astros lineup:  Barnes – CF, Crowe – RF, Castro – C, Martinez – LF, Pena – DH, Carter – 1B, Cedeno – SS, Dominguez – 3B, Gonzalez – 2B, Lyles – RHP

Royals lineup:  Gordon – LF, Hosmer – 1B, Perez – C, Butler – DH, Cain – CF, Lough – RF, Tejada – 3B, Getz – 2B, Escobar -SS, Shields – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_58_vs._Houston


Draft Press Conference Notes

General Manager Dayton Moore, Assistant GM/Scouting and Player Development J.J. Picollo and Scouting Director Lonnie Goldberg met with the media after tonight’s first-round selection of Hunter Dozier.  They also met the media after KC’s 7-3 win to discuss the selections of left-handed pitchers Sean Manaea and Cody Reed.

Goldberg described th3 6’4”, 220 pound Dozier as big and athletic, the type of player that the scouts look for.  Drafted as a shortstop, Dozier could also play third base or outfield, according to Goldberg.  Dozier is a player with big-time power to all fields and a guy who loves to play.

Dayton Moore also described Dozier as one who “comes to play”, a great person and someone who comes from a great family.  Picollo says that the Royals will likely start Dozier in short-season ball.

KC selected left-handed pitchers Sean Manaea and Cody Reed with the 34th and 46th picks, respectively.
Goldberg says that both have swing-and-miss ability.

Manaea dominated the Cape Cod League last year in a season that Goldberg feels was full of offense.

He sees Reed as a player that jumped on the scene this year and someone who the Royals are catching on the rise.  Picollo sees Reed going to a short-season team.

Moore was asked about pitching deliveries and how it pertains to Manaea, who has had injury issues.  Moore pointed out that deliveries are unique – pointing out that Royals Hall of Famers Kevin Appier, Mark Gubicza and Bret Saberhagen all had deliveries that were not considered normal.  Moore is not in the camp of baseball people who believe that a pitcher has to have a perfect delivery in order to be effective.

Hunter Dozier teleconference notes

First-round selection Hunter Dozier is “super excited” to have been drafted by the Royals.  A shortstop at Stephen F. Austin University, Dozier says he will play wherever the Royals need him.  He visited Kauffman Stadium recently, describes it as gorgeous and says that he hit a few over the wall in batting practice, but knows that he will have to get stronger to play here every day.  Dozier said that a high school football injury kept some bigger baseball schools away.  He chose Stephen F. Austin as he felt comfortable with the coaching staff.  When asked why he majored in kinesiology, Dozier said that he has always been interested in the subject.  If he were not a baseball player, he would love to be a Major League strength and conditioning coach.


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