Ned Yost media session: June 23, 2013

Royals skipper Ned Yost met with the media prior to today’s series finale with the Chicago White Sox.  Yost first addressed the progress of first baseman Eric Hosmer.  “His swing is freed up; George and Pedro have done a good job with getting the bat head out and freeing his swing up and he’s seeing the ball really well.  He’s using all of the field right now.”

Yost then discussed the recent struggles of the offense during their current four-game skid.  Yost mentioned that often players are trying to do too much, instead of letting the game come to them.  “You learn by going through that experience, and have to be able to slow it down, slower is faster and slower is better because these guys have a great ability.  It’s the natural inclination to want to get it down now.  The guys that are really good are the guys that are patient and wait for their pitch.  You just have to continue to work and learn in these situations.”

Yost was then asked if he believed if there was increased pressure on the 3-4-5 hitters in lineup because of the current losing streak.  “No I don’t think so.  We’ve got to produce at all of our spots so we don’t put more pressure on the 3-4-5 guys.  The offense doesn’t hinge on two or three guys it hinges on nine guys doing their job.”

Yost concluded by commenting on the influence of hitting coaches George Brett and Pedro Grifol on the Royals’ hitters.  “George and Pedro have both been doing a great job.  They’re tireless workers, they’re on top of everything, I think we’re making great progress.”

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