Ned Yost media session: June 21

Royals manager Ned Yost addressed the media prior to tonight’s contest with the Chicago White Sox.  Yost first discussed the adversity the team faced in May and how they have responded.  “I think we’ve always felt that we can get on a roll, we’d get right back in to it. It’s a very long season and you have to handle the ups and downs.”

Yost then addressed the team’s recent struggles to hit home runs and draw walks. “We just have to score one more run than the opposition every night, that’s the bottom line. I think we’re a good offensive team that hasn’t got to the point where we’re producing like we can every night.”

Yost then talked of the contributions Miguel Tejada has made to the club this year and how much of a workload he can handle. “He can tow more of a workload, I think three or four days a week is about right, but right now we’re trying to get Moose going and he’s been swinging the bat better. It’s a luxury to have a guy that has that much experience and can still play the game at a high level.”

Yost concluded by discussing the recent lows of Alex Gordon and Billy Butler and what their success means to the Royals. “(They) just keep working every single day, it’s like turning on a light switch, all of a sudden get you hot. We need both those guys to flip that switch and get going offensively and you know that both Billy and Alex are capable of caring a club offensively for an extended period of time.”

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