Royals Game Preview: June 13 at Tampa Bay

The Royals wrapped up a 7-2 homestand with a dramatic 10-inning win over Detroit yesterday.  Now it’s on to St. Pete for four and Cleveland for three.

Let’s take a look at the lineups for tonight’s 6:10 CT start at Tropicana Field:

Royals lineup:  Gordon – LF, Hosmer – 1B, Perez – C, Butler – DH, Cain – CF, Lough – RF, Tejada – 3B, Johnson – 2B, Escobar – SS, Santana – RHP

Rays lineup:  Joyce – RF, Zobrist – 2B, Johnson – 3B, Longoria – DH, Loney – 1B, Jennings – CF, Fuld – LF, Molina – C, Escobar – SS, Hellickson – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_64_Tampa_Bay

Royals Trivia Fact:  Current Royal Elliot Johnson recorded his first career hit in 2008 at Tropicana Field vs. the Yankees.

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