Ned Yost media session: June 12, 2013

Though the Royals hit a snag last night in their attempt to win seven straight, they have been playing well on this homestand, going 6-2 with a game left.  At Ned Yost’s pregame press conference today, the skipper was asked about KC’s recent play. “We feel good. We thought last night was a great game. We matched up with (Max) Scherzer. Wade Davis continues to get better and better each time he goes out. We like how our offense is starting to turn the corner a little bit and our defense has been spectacular,” said Yost.

There is always big anticipation when two aces lock horns. Today’s matchup, Justin Verlander vs. James Shields, features a pair of aces who happen to be two of the best pitchers in baseball. Ned was asked about the matchup and about Verlander. “It was a great matchup the last time they met. It is the same thing today. You have two of the best pitchers going against each other.” The manager when on to say, “If Verlander is on you will be lucky to get one pitch (to hit) the entire day. That is why you have to battle and compete.”

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