Ned Yost media session: June 11, 2013

Last night, Salvador Perez hit a two-run triple in the third inning that tied the game at two runs apiece.  The hit was an opposite field shot that split right-center field. Today at Ned Yost’s daily press conference, he was asked what makes Perez such a good opposite field hitter. “It’s all in his approach. He has a very good, loose and relaxed approach at the plate. He has very quick hands. He is a kid that makes contact with power. It’s his ability to wait on the ball, especially the ones down and away and then drive it that way. It is just a natural ability. It is a tough thing to do but to be able to hit the ball to all fields you have to have great hand-eye coordination, great pitch recognition and quick hands. He has all three,” said Yost.

Coming into the day the Royals were ranked first in the American League in ERA. The skipper was asked if he was aware of where his pitching staff ranked. “I wasn’t until someone just told me, but it just goes to show how good our pitching has been. That doesn’t mean anyone is just going to give us a game because of that though. It just shows how good they have been.” The manager went on to say, “I am proud of our pitchers and the body of work they have put forth so far.  Being at the top of American League states to me how good they have been.”

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