May 2013

Ned Yost media session: May 6

Please check @Royals on Twitter for today’s lineup! We hope you can catch the game – either in person, on FSKC or on the Royals Radio Network as James Shields faces Chris Sale and the Sox at 1:10.

Royals Manager Ned Yost opened today’s media conference discussing the high-profile pitching matchup between James Shields and Chris Sale. When asked if the team will approach Sale differently because of his recent success, Yost responded, “We’ve got confidence in our offense, and we won’t change our approach at the plate today.” Yost then went on to say, “I like to let the game play out for the first six innings, and then start to try and manufacture a runs, depending on where we are in the game.”

Yost then addressed the effect that solid team chemistry has played a role in the success of the club this year. He stated that the club’s chemistry has created great energy in the clubhouse, and really has made it easier to win ballgames, especially when every player is rooting for each other at every opportunity.

Yost concluded by discussing that despite the lower attendance numbers due to the weather this season, the energy from the crowd has been fantastic. He stated that the energy the fans have been bringing to the ballpark has been felt by everyone on the field, and that the crowd’s presence helps to bring vigor to the dugout.

Ned Yost media session: May 5 vs. Chicago

Ned Yost met with the media before Sunday’s game against the White Sox. Ned joked he can now use his real name at Starbucks with the team playing so well. Last year he claimed he used a fake name when the Royals were slumping.

Jeremy Guthrie was an obvious topic of discussion after he set a Royals record of 17 consecutive starts without absorbing a loss with his win last night. The skipper was asked to put that streak into perspective. “It’s nice to put a guy on the mound every five days that makes you feel like you have a really, really good chance at winning a baseball game,” said Yost.

Eric Hosmer was another topic of discussion. The manager was asked about his defensive improvement. “He came up to the majors as a good defensive player. He is a guy our infielders trust. They trust he will make a play. Escobar and Getz can make a play, come up and throw ball in the direction of first base and trust it is going to get caught. They don’t worry about if it is going to be high, low, left or right. He frees up the infield to make dynamic plays,” said Ned.

Game Preview: Viva Los Royals!

Today is the annual Viva Los Royals celebration in the Outfield Experience.  The first 10,000 fans will receive a Royals cooler, courtesy of Sprint!

Let’s take a look at the lineups for today’s 1:10 game:

Chicago:  De Aza – LF, Keppinger – 2B, Rios – RF, Dunn – 1B, Konerko – DH, Gillaspie – 3B, Ramirez – SS, Gimenez – C, Wise – CF, Quintana – LHP

Kansas City:  Gordon – LF, Escobar – SS, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Perez – C, Tejada – 2B, Davis – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file): Game_27_vs._Chicago

Royals Trivia Fact:  The Royals enter today second in the A.L. with a 3.36 team ERA.


Ned Yost media session: May 4, 2013

Royals’ Manager Ned Yost opened today’s media conference discussing the recent string of weather-related off-days. Yost stated that the club has to continue on and deal with the off-days, and not let them affect their performance.

Yost then discussed the club’s clutch hitting early in the season. He stated he likes the way the lineup sets up, and that he believes that every player from one to nine in the batting order has the chance to be productive in every game. Drawing the connection back to the Royals’ clutch hitting, he stated the team never seems to quit, and that the winning culture instilled in the Royals’ organization gives the players the belief that they are never out of a game. Yost concluded that the youth and energy the club brings to the field gives the Royals a chance to win every ballgame.

Royals Game Preview: May 4 (Billy Butler Bobbleheads!)

Butler bobblehead_May 4

KC hosts Chicago tonight at 6:10 – it is Billy Butler bobblehead night! The first 10,000 fans receive the Silver Slugger bobble, presented by Sprint.

White Sox lineup:  De Aza – LF, Keppinger – 2B, Rios – RF, Dunn – 1B, Konerko – DH, Gillaspie – 3B, Ramirez – SS, Flowers – C, Wise – CF, Axelrod – RHP

Royals lineup:  Gordon – LF, Escobar – SS, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Perez – C, Getz – 2B, Guthrie – RHP

Royals Game Note:  Game_26_vs._Chicago

Royals Trivia Fact:  Tonight’s starter, Jeremy Guthrie, has a 0.50 ERA in five starts vs. Chicago since joining the Royals.

Ned Yost media session: May 2 vs. Rays

NOTE:  Please check @Royals on Twitter for today’s lineup.  Royals notes are available at

Manager Ned Yost met with the media in his office today due to the inclement weather.

The weather was the first topic of conversation. Ned said his starter, Ervin Santana, would stick to his usual pregame regimen even with the potential weather issues. He noted that if something changed they would push his routine back. Ned also sounded like the team really wants to get this game in. “It’s a game that creates a lot of problems if we don’t play. We have to try and find a way to play it. It seems like this weather is really picking on us but it’s not just us. A lot of teams are having issues with weather.”

Lorenzo Cain collected his ninth multi-hit game of the season last night. He also recorded his first triple of the season. Yost was asked about Lorenzo’s season so far. “Cain’s season has been outstanding. He is playing great defense and swinging the bat very well. You know, we envisioned Cain being this type of player. That’s why it was so disappointing to us last year to not have him on the field (injuries). When we made that trade we knew the capability he had to be an offensive run produce and a very solid, rangy, center fielder. I am very pleased where he is at this year,” said the manager.

Royals Game Preview: May 1

KC wrapped up April at 14-10. Luis Mendoza takes the hill tonight in the first game of May. Tune in on FSKC and the Royals Radio Network (7:10 start).

Rays lineup:  Jennings – CF, Joyce – RF, Zobrist – 2B, Longoria – 3B, Loney – 1B, Escobar – SS, Scott – DH, Lobaton – C, Johnson – LF, Hellickson – RHP

Royals lineup:  Gordon – LF, Escobar – SS, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Perez – C, Johnson – 2B, Mendoza – RHP

Royals Notes (PDF file):  Game_25_vs._Tampa_Bay

Royals Trivia Fact:  Billy Butler is five RBI shy of 500 for his career.

Ned Yost media session: May 1, 2013

The skipper, Ned Yost, met with the media today in the dugout for his daily pregame presser.

One of the first topics of discussion was team chemistry and what Miguel Tejada brings to that aspect of this team. It was brought to the attention of the media present that Tejada has been influential amongst the players. “He brings a huge presence. It started in spring training with the Latin players. He would gather them all and they would eat breakfast together every day. You know the players gravitate to him because of his experience, energy and passion every day. His work ethic is tremendous so he is a great example and the players really look up to him too,” said Yost.

Last night’s 8-2 victory over the Rays snapped a two-game skid by the Royals. The topic of this team’s ability to stop these skids was brought to the manager’s attention. He was asked what the biggest difference is between this year and years past. Ned said that the biggest difference he sees is the team’s pitching. “I’m not saying we’re never going to have a three or four game losing streak but starting pitching stops all of that and it minimizes that. With the starting staff we have we don’t anticipate any long losing streaks because we have someone who is going to step out on the mound and put an end to that.”


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