May 2013

Ned Yost media session: May 26, 2013

Royals skipper Ned Yost addressed the media prior to today’s series finale with the Angels. Yost first addressed the recent offensive struggles the club has been going through. “It’s as simple as the fact that we need to get the job done offensively. This is the same team that we were having success with two weeks ago. It’s a team that we think can score runs and should score runs.” Yost then stated, “if we get eight guys in the lineup that aren’t trying to do too much we’re going to be in pretty good shape, but when things start go this way nobody likes it and everyone starts to try to do more than they’re capable of doing and it starts a snowball effect.”

Yost then went on to address the recent news of the passing of catcher Salvador Perez’s grandmother and his subsequent placement on the team’s bereavement list. “Sal was raised by his grandmother and his mother, and it was heartbreaking to see how upset and distraught as he was, but he’s where he needs to be right now helping his family.”

Yost wrapped up today’s conference with his thoughts on Memorial Day and the upcoming series with the Cardinals. “It’s a phenomenal day (Memorial Day). What our service men and women are doing right now with the freedom they provide on a daily basis is completely selfless. To honor them is a great thing to do.” Yost’s concluded with remarks on the Cardinals series, “It’s just another tough series. There’s such a great tradition, and they are a great organization over there and we are working hard to become one here.”

Royals Game Preview: May 26 vs. Angels

KC finishes a four-game series vs. L.A. today.  Wade Davis will start the 1:10 game.  It’s Bark at the Park Day!  We welcome all of the fans and their canine friends.

Angels lineup:  Aybar – SS, Trout – CF, Pujols – DH, Trumbo – 1B, Hamilton – RF, Kendrick – 2B, Callaspo – 3B, Iannetta – C, Shuck – LF, Williams – RHP

Royals lineup:  Getz – 2B, Escobar – SS, Gordon – LF, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Lough – RF, Johnson – 3B, Kottaras – C, Davis – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_47_vs._LAA

Royals Trivia Fact:  Tim Collins has inherited 10 runners and stranded all 10.  Among the 85 MLB pitchers to inherit 10+ runners this season, he is the only one not to allow an inherited run.

Royals on FSKC: Dish Network channels, May 26-31

Here are the FSKC channels numbers for the next week…

Sunday, May 26: Dish 443
Monday, May 27: Dish 443
Tuesday, May 28: Dish 442
Wednesday, May 29: Dish 445
Thursday, May 30: Dish 443
Friday, May 31: Dish 444

Ned Yost media session: May 25

Ned Yost addressed the media this morning during his usual pre-game conference. Yost first discussed today’s lineup and the inclusion of catcher George Kottaras, who has seen increased playing time due to Salvador Perez‘ injury from the Houston series.  Yost responded, “Salvy’s still sore and Salvy’s going to be sore, and it was a quick turnaround between the night game and the day game, so we’re going to give Sal a break today and he’ll be back tomorrow.”

Yost then spoke about today’s starter, Jeremy Guthrie, and what he has done to prepare for today’s game following his rough outings. “He struggled with his arm slot a little bit, which affects his command…he’s worked really hard the last three or four days to be consistent with it and I think he’s going to have a good game.”

Following Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain’s phenomenal defensive plays last night Yost discussed their skill development in their young careers. Speaking about Escobar, “He’s a phenomenal defensive player and always has been since the moment we have seen him. He’ll make a great play like that and it has become expected because he is so good.” Yost then concluded by stating that Cain “is that type of player too, he glides to the ball, he gets to the ball, and he’s doing a nice job in center field. Both players have a great presence on the field.”

Ned Yost media session: May 24, 2013

The skipper, Ned Yost, met with reporters in the dugout on a beautiful afternoon at Kauffman Stadium before tonight’s tussle with the Angels.  Nine of the Royals last thirteen losses have been by one run.  Yost was asked what that says about this ball club.

“There is no substitute for winning. You have to win. It’s no consolation for anyone to say ‘we are competing’ but we are competing. We’re in every single game. When the offense starts clicking we are going to be winning those games by one or two runs instead of losing them by one or two runs,” said the manager.

Louis Coleman was called up yesterday and replaced Kelvin Hererra in the Royals bullpen.  Ned was asked what he brings to the team and why he trusts him so much. “He is a guy we know has been really successful for us. He has been very serviceable. The worst thing as a manager is bringing a guy in and not knowing what you are going to get. With Louis I know what we are going to get. We know he is going to throw strikes. That is why he is so valuable to us.”

Royals Game Preview: May 24, 2013

KC hosts the Angels tonight at 7:10…come on out to The K for Buck Night, plus Summer Fireworks after the game!  Here’s a look at the lineups:

Angels lineup:  Aybar – SS, Trout – CF, Pujols – DH, Trumbo – 1B, Hamilton, RF, Kendrick – 2B, Callaspo – 3B, Iannetta – C, Shuck – LF

Royals lineup: Getz – 2B, Escobar – SS, Gordon – LF, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Perez – C, Francoeur – RF, Tejada, 3B, Mendoza – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):   Game_45_vs._LAA

Royals Trivia Fact:  Royals Hall of Famers Kevin Appier, Mark Gubicza and Fred Patek all played for the Angels.

Ned Yost media session: May 23, 2013

Ned Yost met with the media for his usual pregame press conference this afternoon. The first topic of discussion was the Royals roster move today, which sent Kelvin Herrera to Triple-A Omaha (fellow right-hander Louis Coleman joined the Royals from Omaha). The media asked the skipper why the move was made. “Kelvin had gotten to the point where he lost some of his confidence in his fastball. What we are looking to do with him is get him down there and incorporate his secondary pitches, his curve ball and changeup, which are two plus pitches. We also need to adjust and smooth out his mechanics. More than anything he just needs to go down there and have some success to get his confidence and swagger back.”

With a tough road trip now behind them, Yost was asked how a manager can help get his team out of a funk. “I think the most important thing, at all levels of being a manager and coach, is to continue to stay positive. You know your personnel, you know their abilities. Right now we are under performing offensively but that could turn around tonight. We could go an extended period of time performing like we think we are capable of. You just have to wait it out, stay positive and keep working. You don’t stop.” Yost also went on to say, “It does no good to yell, scream and create more pressure on the players than they already have. From being through this before I know the biggest tasks I have is to remain calm, stay positive, be supportive, keep teaching and lead these guys.”

Royals Game Preview: May 23 vs. Angels

KC begins a six-game homestand tonight at 7:10 vs. the Angels.  We hope you can make it out to The K over Memorial Day weekend!

Here are the lineups:

Angels:  Aybar – SS, Trout – CF, Pujols – DH, Trumbo – 1B, Hamilton- RF, Kendrick – 2B, Callaspo – 3B, Iannetta – C, Shuck – LF, Blanton – RHP

Royals:  Getz – 2B, Escobar – SS, Gordon – LF, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Perez – C, Moustakas – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Santana – RHP

And the Royals game notes (PDF file):  Game_44_vs_LAA

Royals Trivia Fact:  Tim Collins earned his first Major League win on April 3, 2011 vs. the Angels, striking out five over 3.0 innings.

Royals Game Preview: May 22 at Houston

KC wraps up a nine-game road trip tonight in Houston.  Big Game James is on the mound for KC.  Here’s the lineup that will back him and the one that he will oppose:

Royals lineup:  Getz – 2B, Escobar – SS, Gordon – LF, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Kottaras – C, Shields – RHP

Astros lineup:  Grossman – CF, Altuve – 2B, Castro – C, Martinez – LF, Carter – 1B, Pena – DH, Paredes – 3B, Crowe – RF, Gonzales – SS, Lyles – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_43_Houston

Royals Trivia Fact:  James Shields recorded a complete game in his lone Minute Maid Park start on June 24, 2011 with Tampa Bay.  It was his third consecutive complete game, which tied a Rays record.


Royals Game Preview: May 21 at Houston

KC’s series at Houston continues tonight at 7:10.  Tune in at 7:10 on FSKC and the Royals Radio Network!  And an early reminder…tomorrow’s game WILL be televised (it was added after KC’s earlier rainouts).

Royals lineup:  Lough – RF, Johnson – SS, Gordon – LF, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Kottaras – C, Getz – 2B, Davis – RHP

Astros lineup:  Grossman – CF, Altuve – 2B, Castro – C, Martinez – LF, Carter – 1B, Pena – DH, Paredes – RF, Dominguez -3B, Gonzalez – SS, Norris – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):   Game_42_Houston

Royals Trivia Fact:  Royals Hall of Famer John Mayberry was selected sixth overall by Houston in 1967.  He debuted in 1968 at age 19 and played parts of four seasons with the Astros.  Mayberry got his first chance at full time duty with the 1972 Royals, hitting 25 home runs and driving in 100!



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