Ned Yost media session: May 26, 2013

Royals skipper Ned Yost addressed the media prior to today’s series finale with the Angels. Yost first addressed the recent offensive struggles the club has been going through. “It’s as simple as the fact that we need to get the job done offensively. This is the same team that we were having success with two weeks ago. It’s a team that we think can score runs and should score runs.” Yost then stated, “if we get eight guys in the lineup that aren’t trying to do too much we’re going to be in pretty good shape, but when things start go this way nobody likes it and everyone starts to try to do more than they’re capable of doing and it starts a snowball effect.”

Yost then went on to address the recent news of the passing of catcher Salvador Perez’s grandmother and his subsequent placement on the team’s bereavement list. “Sal was raised by his grandmother and his mother, and it was heartbreaking to see how upset and distraught as he was, but he’s where he needs to be right now helping his family.”

Yost wrapped up today’s conference with his thoughts on Memorial Day and the upcoming series with the Cardinals. “It’s a phenomenal day (Memorial Day). What our service men and women are doing right now with the freedom they provide on a daily basis is completely selfless. To honor them is a great thing to do.” Yost’s concluded with remarks on the Cardinals series, “It’s just another tough series. There’s such a great tradition, and they are a great organization over there and we are working hard to become one here.”

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