Ned Yost media session: May 23, 2013

Ned Yost met with the media for his usual pregame press conference this afternoon. The first topic of discussion was the Royals roster move today, which sent Kelvin Herrera to Triple-A Omaha (fellow right-hander Louis Coleman joined the Royals from Omaha). The media asked the skipper why the move was made. “Kelvin had gotten to the point where he lost some of his confidence in his fastball. What we are looking to do with him is get him down there and incorporate his secondary pitches, his curve ball and changeup, which are two plus pitches. We also need to adjust and smooth out his mechanics. More than anything he just needs to go down there and have some success to get his confidence and swagger back.”

With a tough road trip now behind them, Yost was asked how a manager can help get his team out of a funk. “I think the most important thing, at all levels of being a manager and coach, is to continue to stay positive. You know your personnel, you know their abilities. Right now we are under performing offensively but that could turn around tonight. We could go an extended period of time performing like we think we are capable of. You just have to wait it out, stay positive and keep working. You don’t stop.” Yost also went on to say, “It does no good to yell, scream and create more pressure on the players than they already have. From being through this before I know the biggest tasks I have is to remain calm, stay positive, be supportive, keep teaching and lead these guys.”

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