Ned Yost media session: May 6

Please check @Royals on Twitter for today’s lineup! We hope you can catch the game – either in person, on FSKC or on the Royals Radio Network as James Shields faces Chris Sale and the Sox at 1:10.

Royals Manager Ned Yost opened today’s media conference discussing the high-profile pitching matchup between James Shields and Chris Sale. When asked if the team will approach Sale differently because of his recent success, Yost responded, “We’ve got confidence in our offense, and we won’t change our approach at the plate today.” Yost then went on to say, “I like to let the game play out for the first six innings, and then start to try and manufacture a runs, depending on where we are in the game.”

Yost then addressed the effect that solid team chemistry has played a role in the success of the club this year. He stated that the club’s chemistry has created great energy in the clubhouse, and really has made it easier to win ballgames, especially when every player is rooting for each other at every opportunity.

Yost concluded by discussing that despite the lower attendance numbers due to the weather this season, the energy from the crowd has been fantastic. He stated that the energy the fans have been bringing to the ballpark has been felt by everyone on the field, and that the crowd’s presence helps to bring vigor to the dugout.


How do you turn a 1-0 shutout into a 2-1 loss? Answer: Have Ned Yost as a manager.

I guess it is not Rocket Science to realize the Hernandez has had a problem closing for Shields. I think he is a great pitcher, but the combination is costing. I would use him for closing games at least it different circumstances, until the results change. bronzeo

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