Ned Yost media session: May 5 vs. Chicago

Ned Yost met with the media before Sunday’s game against the White Sox. Ned joked he can now use his real name at Starbucks with the team playing so well. Last year he claimed he used a fake name when the Royals were slumping.

Jeremy Guthrie was an obvious topic of discussion after he set a Royals record of 17 consecutive starts without absorbing a loss with his win last night. The skipper was asked to put that streak into perspective. “It’s nice to put a guy on the mound every five days that makes you feel like you have a really, really good chance at winning a baseball game,” said Yost.

Eric Hosmer was another topic of discussion. The manager was asked about his defensive improvement. “He came up to the majors as a good defensive player. He is a guy our infielders trust. They trust he will make a play. Escobar and Getz can make a play, come up and throw ball in the direction of first base and trust it is going to get caught. They don’t worry about if it is going to be high, low, left or right. He frees up the infield to make dynamic plays,” said Ned.

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