Ned Yost media session: May 2 vs. Rays

NOTE:  Please check @Royals on Twitter for today’s lineup.  Royals notes are available at

Manager Ned Yost met with the media in his office today due to the inclement weather.

The weather was the first topic of conversation. Ned said his starter, Ervin Santana, would stick to his usual pregame regimen even with the potential weather issues. He noted that if something changed they would push his routine back. Ned also sounded like the team really wants to get this game in. “It’s a game that creates a lot of problems if we don’t play. We have to try and find a way to play it. It seems like this weather is really picking on us but it’s not just us. A lot of teams are having issues with weather.”

Lorenzo Cain collected his ninth multi-hit game of the season last night. He also recorded his first triple of the season. Yost was asked about Lorenzo’s season so far. “Cain’s season has been outstanding. He is playing great defense and swinging the bat very well. You know, we envisioned Cain being this type of player. That’s why it was so disappointing to us last year to not have him on the field (injuries). When we made that trade we knew the capability he had to be an offensive run produce and a very solid, rangy, center fielder. I am very pleased where he is at this year,” said the manager.

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