Royals Game Preview: April 30 vs. Rays

Tampa Bay and KC will battle for the first time since the big offseason trade.  Two of KC’s acquisitions will be on the field – Big Game James is on the mound and Elliot Johnson is at second base.  The 7:10 game vs. the Rays will be on FSKC and the Royals Radio Network.

Tampa Bay lineup:  Jennings – CF, Joyce – LF, Zobrist – RF, Longoria – 3B, Loney – 1B, Escobar – SS, Scott – DH, Molina – C, Roberts – 2B, Cobb – RHP

KC lineup:  Gordon – LF, Escobar – SS, Butler – DH, Hosmer – 1B, Cain – CF, Moustakas – 3B, Francoeur – RF, Perez – C, Johnson – 2B, Shields – RHP

Royals Game Notes (PDF file):  Game_24_vs._Tampa_Bay

Royals Trivia Fact:  James Shields left Tampa Bay as the club’s leader in several categories, including wins (87).

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