Ned Yost media session: April 30, 2013

Ned Yost held his usual pre-game presser this afternoon. He joked that everyone in attendance should enjoy the beautiful weather today because the forecast is for cooler temps later in the week.

James Shields was the obvious topic of discussion this afternoon. Anytime a pitcher faces his old teammates for the first time, there is going to be hype. With Shields facing the Rays tonight, it is no different. When asked if James has a book on the Rays, Yost had this to say, “He knows them inside and out. He is very observant on the bench during the games. I think he has pretty good idea of how he wants to go about his business today.” Ned also noted it is nice to have an ace like Shields on the mound because it usually gives the bullpen a chance to get some rest.

Luis Mendoza was the second topic of discussion. Yost was asked if Mendy would be ready to go after having such a long lay off in between starts. “He is a guy who doesn’t freak out and over analyze a situation. He just goes out, grabs the ball and does what he does. It’s a good mindset to have and a perfect mindset for a number five starter.”

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