Ned Yost media session: April 28, 2013


Ned Yost met with the media for a short time after game one of today’s twin billing. The skipper was happy with the 9-0 win but also stated there is another game in a few hours.

One of the first topics of discussion was the pitching. Jeremy Guthrie headlined most of the conversation. “I think if you take a combination of all the pitches that he threw for balls it might add to three feet. He was just missing by that much. His command was really good. He never gave in, never tried to overcompensate and hit more of the plate. He did a great job of getting us through 6.2 innings,” said the skipper.  Guthrie, with the win today, kept his streak of consecutive starts without a loss intact (16) and tied the Royals all-time record previously help by Paul Splittorff.

With another game tonight coming a few hours, Ned was asked if the momentum from today could carry over to tonight’s game. Yost said that there w a lot of good feelings about the way they played in this afternoon’s game. “I think it can carry over. Good feelings about a well pitched game, good defense and swinging the bats the way we did. Yeah, that can carry over,” said Yost.

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