MLB’s Season of the #Whiff

Attention Royals fans: We need your help!

Major League Baseball and Head & Shoulders are teaming up for the “Season of the #Whiff”.

What is “Season of the #Whiff” you ask? It is national program in which Head & Shoulders will make a $1 donation to the national MLB Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program for every strikeout in the 2013 regular season, as part of the launch of new Head & Shoulders with the scent of Old Spice.

The RBI program was designed by Major League Baseball to increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among underserved youth. The program encourages academic participation and achievement while teaching the value of teamwork. Additionally, RBI is designed to prepare athletes to play in college and the minor leagues.

Royals fans have the opportunity to help the local RBI program by taking part in the “Season of the #Whiff” on Twitter. The MLB Club with the highest total of #Whiff tweets each month will earn $10,000 for their local RBI chapters! The season-long cumulative champion will earn $20,000, making a total of $80,000 up for grabs!

How can you assist our local RBI chapters? Be an active Tweeter! When a Royals pitcher gets a strikeout, use the phrase “#WHIFF + @Royals” in your tweets.

You can track our progress by following @HSforMen on Twitter or by visiting the Head & Shoulders “Season of the #Whiff” page at .

We could help raise thousands of dollars for the Kansas City area, so let’s get the tweets rolling!

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