Ned Yost media session: April 13

Manager Ned Yost began this afternoon’s media conference being asked about the recent move to drop Mike Moustakas down to the sixth position in the batting order. Yost responded that he thinks Moustakas will be a major contributor this season, but he is struggling right now offensively. Yost is hoping the move will allow Moustakas to see better pitches and get his confidence at the plate back up.

Yost was then asked about the status of Eric Hosmer, after Hosmer was absent from the starting lineup for a second straight game. Yost stated that Hosmer is fine, and that after the last games against Minnesota with the cold and wet weather, he began to get some tightness in his quad, and that with two consecutive cold weather games he did not want to take a chance with a potential injury.

Yost went on to state that Lorenzo Cain’s move to the designated hitter position today allows the team the ability to rest Cain’s legs, and also give Jarrod Dyson the opportunity for some at-bats, to keep players as fresh as possible early in the season.

Yost’s final question regarded the preparation for going up against reigning Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey in tonight’s matchup, and if there was any way to prepare for a knuckleball pitcher. Yost responded that it is hard to prepare for a knuckleballer and that the best approach is to just approach the at-bat like any other. He commented on the uniqueness of Dickey’s knuckleball and its velocity compared to traditional knuckleball pitchers.

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I would like to know why in the eighth with only one out that Ned Yost decided to leave Billy Butler on first instead of putting in a pinch runner. There is not much chance he is going to bat again and we needed some some speed on the bags if for no other reason to disrupt the pitcher or break up the the possibility of a double play. I don’t believe I was the only one to have seen this coming. Then to bring in Kelvin when Tim is doing such a good job and just getting warmed up when Kelvin just gave up 3 out of 4 homers in Atlanta. We have such good players that want to compete. How can they gain any confidence if they have such poor management. I think there may be an opening for Ned at Walmart. I was thinking of attending next weekend against Cleveland but I have my doubts about wasting my money.

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