Ned Yost media session: October 3

Tonight’s game vs. the Detroit Tigers wraps up season #44 for the Royals. Manager Ned Yost met with the media to discuss his thoughts about the season and the potential baseball history that could happen tonight with Miguel Cabrera. “I think it was a good year for us. We are not where we wanted to be in terms of wins and losses, but the experience that we gained I thought was very valuable for a group of young guys playing their first full year together in the big league level. I think that will help us moving forward in the next year more than anything else,” said Yost. He later on said, “What I am most proud of is that we fell down twice, once in April and once before the All-Star break, but what impresses me most is that we got back up both times and that is a good sign.”

Tigers’ third baseman Miguel Cabrera is well within reach of winning the Triple Crown as the regular season wraps up. “We haven’t seen it in so long, mid-60’s was the last time it happened, and it is so difficult now, not only with the starting pitching, but the bullpen that every team has for the majority. It is really, really difficult to do what he has done. I am in total admiration for what he has been able to accomplish.” He followed with, “I think a Triple Crown should equate to an MVP award ABSOLUTELY! I do not mean to ‘dis’ anybody because both players are great players (Cabrera and Trout), but this guy has an opportunity, and knock on wood, is probably going to win a Triple Crown and his club is going to the playoffs. I don’t know how anybody can’t vote him MVP. I just don’t know how that could happen! It would surprise me if it does. This kid has a chance to win the Triple Crown and that is good enough for me.”

With the playoffs coming up, a reporter asked Ned if he would talk to his team about watching them. His response was, “You can watch it all you want, but you aren’t going to learn anything. You have to experience it. You got to experience what Detroit has experienced here, going through the ups and downs, the pressure of must-win games and going out and producing during those times. You have to feel it and these kids have gone through that a little bit in their own way. They came in here this year with tremendous expectation and they felt it. They will be more prepared next year when they come back. I think that will be more valuable than just watching a baseball game.”

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