Ned Yost media session: September 23

Jake Odorizzi will be making his Major League debut this afternoon when the Royals go for the three-game sweep of the Cleveland Indians.  This morning when manager Ned Yost met with the media inside his office, the first question he received was about the Royals expectations, if any, of Odorizzi or what they want him to get out of his first big league start.  Yost said they are not necessarily expecting anything out of him, but rather they want him to get through it, if you will, and take in the experience of making his first appearance.   He said you cannot judge a player based off his first game or one game in general, therefore the Royals just want him to take this in and go out there and just pitch.  He went on to say this is a situation that Odorizzi has thought about since he was little and thought about baseball.  Getting to this very moment is what every baseball player dreams of.  His day is here and they want him to go out and enjoy it and get through it.  He finished by saying they are not going to evaluate his start and they hope he has a good outing, but ultimately they are just letting him go out there with as little pressure put on him as they can.

Catcher Adam Moore making his Royals debut behind the plate was the second topic brought up with Yost this morning.  He was asked similarly about Moore as he was Odorizzi.  Yost said there is no way to judge a player based off of one game, so they just want him to go out there and enjoy his debut with Odorizzi. 

The last question involved catcher Salvador Perez and his status with the bruised hand and fingers that have led to the Royals giving him the weekend off.  Yost said he is feeling alright and is slated to be back behind the plate for tomorrow’s game in Detroit.  He said Perez spent time last night trying to convince the coaching staff to let him catch the rookie today, but they are electing to have him rest and let the rookie tandem of Moore and Odorizzi go today. 


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