Ned Yost media session: September 21

When manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon outfielder, Jarrod Dyson was the first topic brought up by the media.  Jarrod injured his right lat muscle August 29 against Detroit and has not played other than pinch running occasionally since the injury.  Yost was asked if Dyson is healthy again or how they know he is ready since the impression early on after the injury was that his return to the outfield was questionable for the remainder of the season.  Yost said Dyson is feeling a lot better and he has been on a throwing program to get back from the injury and he is healthy enough to play.  Yost said they wanted to see how Dyson would respond to the throwing program and so far he has responded very positively to it so they are going to go with him in center tonight and then re-evaluate him after the game.

The next question involved Alex Gordon’s absence from tonight’s lineup and if it was just a chance for the Royals to give him a breather.  Yost said it is a bit more than just a night off because Gordon is kind of banged up from last night when he dove head first into home plate to avoid the tag to score the tying run for Kansas City in the sixth inning.  Yost said Gordon’s hand was slightly swollen after the game and sore, therefore, they are going to give him tonight off as a precautionary measure more than anything.  Yost said he feels good today and could probably play and ultimately wanted to, but to be safe they are going to give him the night off.  The Royals look for him to be back in the starting lineup tomorrow. 

Catcher Salvador Perez and his night off was the next question.  Yost was asked why he is also not in the lineup.  Yost said Perez is kind of beat up right now as well.  He said he took a foul ball off of the back of his hand a week ago as well as off of his thumbs since then, so his hands are quite sore.  Yost said Perez has been playing through the pain thus far and could continue, but they want to take this chance to get him some rest and let that soreness heal.  He said they will probably give Perez the next three days off and look for him to return on Monday when the Royals travel to Detroit.  The Royals have Brayan Pena going behind the dish tonight, but also have options with Manuel Pina and Adam Moore at that position while Sal gets some time off.

The final topic of the afternoon was rookie David Lough getting the call in left field tonight after seeing most of his time in center for the Royals or right field.  Yost said he has seen Lough play in left field in spring training and is very confident with him in all three positions.  He went on to say he relies a lot on outfield coach Rusty Kuntz and he puts a lot of trust in him.  He said if Rusty says a guy can play a spot in the outfield, then he is going to be able to play those spots.  He finished by saying Rusty has been around all of these guys in the minors and he has seen him in spring training, so they have good confidence in Lough at all three spots out there.


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