Ned Yost media session: September 20

Ned Yost met with the media before tonight’s final game of the Chicago White Sox series. Jeremy Guthrie will be taking the mound and has been very successful for the Royals since being acquired on July 20 from the Colorado Rockies. Yost said, “He has pitched effectively. He has kept the ball down, thrown quality strikes down in the zone. He has been very, very good at making quality pitches…consistently.”

Luis Mendoza is feeling better after being sick for a couple of days and will be taking the mound tomorrow against the Cleveland Indians.  “He feels goods, he looks good, he feels strong and there’s no signs of him not feeling good. He looks 100% normal and natural,” said Yost. 

In last night’s game, Alcides Escobar set the club record for hits by a shortstop. “I always knew the kid could hit and he is going to continue to get better, continue to get stronger and he will hit more home runs as he gets older. But when we signed him (to an extension) this year, somebody asked what do you think he can hit and I thought he is probably a .280 hitter and he interrupted and said no .300. He was right, he was more right than I was. I expected him to eventually be a consistent .300 hitter, but he has proved to be a consistent .300 hitter earlier than I thought he would be. He has had a tremendous year and that is a great accomplishment, the hits he has gotten this year, and the way he was able to sustain his offensive production all year long, moving to the two-hole and not miss a beat has been very impressive,” said Yost.

Rookie prospect Jake Odorizzi will be taking the mound in Sunday’s game vs. the Indians. Someone from the media asked, “If it is more beneficial for him to have a catcher who has caught him before or someone who knows the hitters?” Yost answered with, “It’s hard to learn a guy if you haven’t caught them before, it takes a time or two. There is a relationship between a pitcher and catcher that you have to be able to know what he can do, what he can’t do and more importantly what he thinks he can do. So I think it is more important to have someone who has caught him before, understands what his pitches do, understands what it takes if he gets in trouble (of) how to get him out of trouble. They (pitcher and catcher) will have the benefit of watching two games, they will have a game plan formulated by the time he pitches and they will get a good feel for the hitters.

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