Ned Yost media session: September 18

Tonight the Royals start a three-game series against the first-place Chicago White Sox.  Kansas City has clinched the season series against the White Sox at 10-5 with these three games to go. Ned Yost met with the media to discuss tonight’s game and the pitching rotation. “We play good against these guys. We didn’t play Detroit good early in the year and the last couple times we have played them good. I think we are getting better as a team, but I don’t know why we can play so well against these guys and then go one and seven against Seattle,” said Yost.

Luis Mendoza was scheduled to start tomorrow, but he came in today with strep throat. Yost said, “With the off day (yesterday), we can bump everyone up and keep them on regular rest and be alright. So (Bruce) Chen will be (starting) tomorrow and then (Jeremy) Guthrie on Thursday. He (Mendoza) will be somewhere in the Cleveland series (this weekend) if he is feeling up to it, but we will see where his strength is and see how he feels and if we need to skip him throughout the whole turn, we can.”

 The Royals called up right-hander Jake Odorizzi on Sunday from Triple-A Omaha and he will be looking for his first Major League debut in the near future. “I won’t start him against a contending team. When we play Chicago and Detroit, we will put our best team and best pitchers on the field against them. We won’t put any rookies in there unless it’s absolutely out of necessity. It is just the way I have always done it and it is the way it should be.” He followed with, “In my mind, when you are playing a contending team you have a responsibility to play your best team, out of fairness to both clubs. Against Cleveland, it’s a different story. That’s when you will see Odorizzi make a start and maybe some of these other guys that haven’t been starting.”

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