Ned Yost media session: September 5

When manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon, outfielder David Lough was the first topic of discussion.   Lough is starting in center field tonight for the first time in the big leagues as the Royals take on the Texas Rangers.  Yost said they want to see Lough play some center field.  He said they know he can play the corners pretty good and they want to get a gauge and see where he is at in center.  He went on to say it could be once a week or it could be less frequent than that, but they need to see how he is in that position.  Yost said outfield/first base coach Rusty Kuntz has seen Lough play 30 to 40 games in centerfield at the Triple-A level this season and thinks he can handle it so that is who they are going with out there tonight.  Yost also said Lough could be in competition to win one of the extra outfield spots next spring, but if he is going to be in that extra spot he needs to be able to play all three outfield positions, therefore it is more incentive for the Royals to give him some other looks besides right field, where he has played in his previous three starts with the big league club.  Yost finished by saying it is unknown if they will put him in left field at all, but it is a possibility although he is confident Lough plays the corner outfield spots quite well. 

The final question directed to Yost was whether or not there will be any limitations on tonight’s starter Everett Teaford since he is making a spot-start and is more accustom to coming out of the bullpen.  This will be Teaford’s first start since July 8 at Detroit and his fifth overall this season.  Yost said there will not be any major limitations placed on him and they will look to take him around 75 pitches.  They have Vin Mazzaro and the rest of the bullpen to pick him up from there, so they will play it by ear and see how it goes.

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