Ned Yost media session: September 3

The Royals starting pitching for the remainder of the week was the first topic brought up when manager Ned Yost met with the media this morning prior to batting practice.  The media asked who would be starting later in the week since there was the doubleheader last Saturday.  Yost said they will probably go with a spot start out of Everett Teaford with others from the bullpen on Wednesday with Luke Hochevar on Thursday.  He also said they will skip Will Smith’s next start that would have been slated for Friday because he wants Luis Mendoza, Bruce Chen and Jeremy Guthrie to go against Chicago because they have been good against the White Sox all year.  He said he does not want to alter that rotation against the Sox and Smith probably will start on his next time around in the rotation.  Yost does not want to bump anyone down in the rotation so Smith will be available to pitch out of the bullpen until his next turn comes back around and he will be available to be the long reliever beginning on Thursday if needed. 

Mike Moustakas was the next topic of discussion.  The question was asked what causes him to struggle when he does and what they see when he is not playing well, although he had a good game yesterday.  Yost said he can try to pull the ball more than he should and he gets a little anxious.  These both take him out of his approach at the plate and he will swing out of his zone or at the pitcher’s pitches instead of what he prefers in his hot zone.  His swing has been more relaxed and his pitch selection has been good lately which is why he has been hitting the ball well the past few games.

Alcides Escobar receiving the day off was the final topic brought up with Yost during his media session.  Yost said Escobar is probably the one guy on the team that has had the least amount of days off this season.  With the back-to-back day games, he needs the break and it will also give the Royals a chance to get another look at Tony Abreu since he will be covering for Esky at shortstop today.  Yost said Escobar has been struggling at the plate recently so it is a good opportunity to give him a break and then let him get back after it tomorrow.

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