Yost discusses Broxton trade

Ned Yost met with the media before tonight’s game again the Cleveland Indians.  Today right-handed reliever Jonathan Broxton was traded for Cincinnati Reds’ minor league left-hander Donnie Joseph and right-hander J.C. Sulbaran.

“He (Broxton) came in here with the focus of getting his career back on track and I think he did a great job of doing that. I think he will do fine. He is going to a team that is three games up in their division and the chance to go to the playoffs and I am excited about that for him,” said Yost.  About the new pitchers, Yost said, “They are two nice young prospects. Our scouts like them a lot and I have heard a lot of good things about them.” Greg Holland will now be taking Broxton’s place in closing games. Yost said, “He’s been very solid down there and we will give him the opportunity to close games out. We feel that his stuff is all the way back to where it was last year when he was really successful.”  Broxton was a leader on the field and he will be leaving a legacy on this team. “I think his ability to stay calm and cool in every situation; it didn’t matter how rough it got out of there, he maintained his composure and I think that’s a great example to all the young guys out there,” said Yost.

Mike Moustakas is back in the lineup after his right knee sprain during Saturday night’s game against the Mariners.  “I was pretty optimistic he would be back Tuesday (tonight) because he is such a tough kid. I was really nervous when he did it. I thought it could be some tearing of his meniscus and that made me nervous. When we found out that wasn’t the case, our training staff worked on him yesterday, the day before all day and into the night that he did it. I figured the chances of him being back on Tuesday, today would be very very good.”

Jeff Francoeur is not in the Royals’ lineup in tonight’s game. Yost says, “His production has fallen off and was really struggling at the plate. We need to get him back. We need to get him back productive. The reason we are where we are is because we are not getting production out of Jeff and Hos (Eric Hosmer) has been struggling. Alex (Gordon) has done a great job average wise and hitting doubles, but we don’t have power production in our lineup outside of Moose (Mike Moustakas) and Billy (Butler) and that’s production we counted on going into the season. We need to find ways to get more of that back.”

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